ACV and fruits for fatty liver

Home Remedies for Fatty Liver Disease

Liver performs hundreds of different functions in the body ranging from producing bile for digestion to removing toxins from the body. Modern lifestyle is putting a lot of strain on the liver causing liver diseases.

Fruits for immunity boosting

Home Remedies to Boost Immunity

Disease causing microbes, viruses and bacteria can be stopped invading your body by your strong immune System. If you are getting common cold frequently or viral infection regularly during a virus spread season, then you have to boost your immunity. Your immune system is too weak to fight these viral attacks.

Dry fruits for memory

11 Home Remedies to Improve Memory Power and Concentration

Do you forget things often? Forgot that appointment with the doctor? Didn't remember to pick up grocery while coming back from office? or Having trouble with remembering the name of that interesting person you met socially in a party last week?

Blemishes caused by acne

7 Home Remedies for Blemishes and Scars on Face

Blemishes free skin is a dream of those people who have had acne or other facial problems that left scars, dark spots or other blemishes.

Mother breast feeding child

Home Remedies for Sore Nipples

Every 3 out of 4 breastfeeding women experience different degrees of sore nipple problems. The basic cause is that the infant is unable to latch on properly during the feeds. Proper breastfeeding shouldn't cause pain, but bad positioning does. You need relief from your sore nipples.

Honey, lemon, ginger for pharyngitis

3 Home Remedies for Pharyngitis

If the back of your throat has beginning to give you scratchy feeling then you are likely to get pharyngitis.Inflammation or infection in the back of your throat (pharynx) is called pharyngitis. The condition is painful and gives constant scratching sensation in the throat.

Neem Aloe Vera for prickly heat

Home Remedies for Prickly Heat Rashes

Come warm weather and you are likely to get prickly heat rashes. This summer time irritation occurs due to excessive sweating in hot humid conditions and people of all ages from adults to children to infants suffer from it.

Soy for hot flashes

Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

Depending on their hormonal composition in the body, different women get menopause at different ages. Impact of menopause on each woman is different but most women get hot flashes and night sweats within the first two years of menopause.

Water and fruits for dysuria

Home Remedies for Dysuria or Painful Urination

Dysuria is a discomfort during urination leading to pain and burning sensation. It commonly affects more women than men. Among the men older men are more vulnerable than the younger men to suffer dysuria.

A woman in pain of dry socket

Home Remedies for Dry Socket

Dry socket is characterized by throbbing pain after 2-4 days of tooth extraction accompanied with bad breath. Dry socket means partial or total loss of a blood clot that is required for healing to cover and protect the jaw bone after extraction of a tooth.

coconut oil for cradle cap

Home Remedies to Cure Baby Cradle Cap

Cradle Cap affecting sensitive scalp, eyebrows, eyelids and area around ears is a very common skin problems among the newborn babies up to the age of 3 months. Cradle cap is characterized by greasy, yellowish, scaly and crusty formation on the scalp of the babies

Oranges for loss of appetite

Home Remedies for Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite means general lack of interest in eating food. The condition is usually caused by a sedentary lifestyle, aging, anxiety and depression, smoking, weather conditions and pregnancy and nausea.

Clay for bee sting

Home Remedies for Bee Sting

If you are allergic to bee sting venom then you should be concerned about anaphylaxis-a life-threatening reaction. You just can not afford to take a bee sting lightly.

Impetigo symptoms on face

Home Remedies for Impetigo

Streptococcus pyogenes and staphylococcus aureus cause the highly infectious skin disease called Impetigo that can affect your face, neck, arms and legs.  Impetigo are classified in different categories including impetigo contagiosa, bullous impetigo and ecthyma.

Woman in gown

Home Remedies for Vaginal Itching and Burning

Every woman, from time to time, suffers from the embarrassing vaginal itching and burning problems. Controlling the urge to itch vagina in a social or work environment becomes a necessity and that can cause a lot of discomfort.

Fruits for weakness

Home Remedies for Weakness

Your general weakness can be attributed to feeling lack of energy, lethargic or tired. You may loose appetite, lack of concentration, find difficulties in sleeping and sweat excessively. The fatigue causes muscle weakness and you may feel drowsy and sluggish throughout the day.

Onion, garlic and ginger for tonsillitis

Home Remedies for Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is very common among children but adults can also get it. It is an inflammation of the tonsils. Both viral and bacterial infections of tonsils can enlarge the tonsils in varying degrees ranging from mild to severe.

Pain in shoulder

Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

Old age, old injury or recent injury all are the main triggers of shoulder pain. However, these days shoulder pain occur due to extensive uses of computers and laptops. Abnormal postures in the sedentary lifestyle of office goers gives them shoulder pain.

Sagging skin

Home Remedies for Sagging Skin

Everyone wants to look younger and better all the time. Your face reflects your personality. Wrinkled and sagging facial skin and loose skin in the neck can spoil your looks. Though these are all signs of aging but some of you may get it earlier than the actual time these conditions should appear because of unhealthy lifestyle.

Ringworm on hand

Home Remedies for Ringworm

Ringworm can affect any part of the skin in the body from the scalp to the feet. It is a contagious skin infection which results in red, scaly and itchy round patches on the skin. Ringworm infections look ugly and cause a lot of discomfort.

Legs with arthritis

Home Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis Flare-Ups

There is a lot of ongoing medical research, but there is no cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) as yet. You can do self help in addition to medication to improve quality of life by relieving pain and inflammation.

Chamomile tea

Home Remedies for Restless Legs Syndrome

Many lifestyle changes and home remedies can provide restless leg syndrome relief. Are you suffering from aches, pain and sensations when lying down in bed or even during sitting, it is most likely a neurological disorder called restless leg syndrome (RLS) or Willis-Ekbom Disease.

Stomach ache

Home Remedies for Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is more prevalent than we imagine. Since the quantity of food containing lactose that shows intolerance symptoms differ some cases of lactose intolerance never surface as you are able to consume a certain amount without difficulties.

Banana and lemon for itchy scalp

Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp

Itchy scalp is not only awkward in social setup, but is also painful and can cause hair loss. Anxiety, poor hair care, dandruff, head lice, psoriasis, tinea capitis, poor diet and infections are some of the main causes of itchy scalp. Swelling and redness may be felt in addition to the itch.

Bitter gourd for irregular periods

Home Remedies for Irregular Periods

Irregular periods or oligomenorrhea is a common problem among menstruating age women. On average a woman menstruates 11-13 times a year and their normal cycle ranges from 21-35 days.

Ginger and garlic for appendicitis

Home Remedies for Appendicitis

Not treating appendicitis on time can be fatal. It can burst and spread infection in the abdomen which can lead to death. Appendicitis is a common disorder of the abdomen occurring during the age of 10-30 and men are more vulnerable than women.

Amoebiasis pain

5 Home Remedies for Amoebiasis

You may generally think that occasional abdominal cramps with some loose motion and gas as a sign of indigestion, but it can also be a more serious condition called amoebiasis (also known as amebiasis or enterobiasis). Untreated Amoebiasis can be dangerous as it damages intestines, liver and other internal organs.

Keloid on hand

Home Remedies for Keloids and Keloid Scar Removal

When a skin gets cut, bruised, bitten, burnt, pierced or damaged due to any other condition such as acne, body produces collagen to heal the damaged tissue. This leaves a scar that feds away with time and skin looks smooth and normal again.

Cold compress for hives

Home Remedies for Hives

Hives or urticaria are allergic reactions manifesting in the form of itchy red bumpy welts. The size of the rash can be tiny to a 6-8 inch patch with clearly defined edges.

Foods to treat intestinal worms

Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms

There are thousands of parasites that can invade human body but roundworm, pinworm, whipworm and tapeworm are the four most powerful parasites that infect human gastrointestinal tract mainly on the intestine and stomach.