A woman in pain of dry socket

Home Remedies for Dry Socket

Dry socket is characterized by throbbing pain after 2-4 days of tooth extraction accompanied with bad breath. Dry socket means partial or total loss of a blood clot that is required for healing to cover and protect the jaw bone after extraction of a tooth.

The blood clotting may break down due to the presence of bacteria or nicotine prior to tooth extraction. Dense jaw bones, poor blood supply and hormones can also contribute to breakdown of blood clot causing a dry socket.

Dry socket can easily be treated by home remedies.


5 Cool Home Remedies for Dry Socket and Pain Relief

Dry socket irritates the exposed bones and nerves causing swelling, immense local pain, recurrent headaches, dizziness and fever. Use the following remedies to get pain relief and fast healing.

1. Ice Pack to Help Blood to Clot

Ice pack is one of the best remedies for any swelling including swelling due to dry socket. it reduces swelling and alleviate pain too.

You can't apply ice pack directly on the extraction area. You will have to apply it on the cheek skin. Press the ice pack on the cheek for 15 minutes.You can intermittently lift the ice bag if you begin to feel numbness.

2. Gauze to Stop Dry Socket

Placing a moist gauze in place of extracted tooth is one of the best home remedies for dry socket. This is exactly what a dentist do after extracting your tooth. He puts a moist gauze or cotton and asks you to keep it pressed with the teeth on the other side of the jaw. You can also do it at home if the blood clot has broken down.

  • place a moist but clean gauze in place of the extracted tooth.
  • press it with the teeth on the other side of the jaw. if the tooth is extracted from lower jaw then press the gauze with the upper teeth by closing the jaws.
  • keep the gauze as long as you can.
  • Keep it there for throughout the day

By keeping it there, it will help the blood to clot and you will not feel pain. The healing process will expedite after the blood clotting.


3. Clove Oil for Dry Socket Pain relief

Clove and clove oil has always been a grandma's formula for any toothache and the dry socket is no different. Clove oil is a great remedy for dry socket pain relief and reduce swelling.

  • dab one end of a q-tip in clove oil
  • apply the clove oil on the q-tip on the dry socket.

Clove oil may sting. Bear the sting as it is worth it. Your swelling will reduce and dry socket pain will disappear.

4. Turmeric Powder to Clot Blood and avoid Dry Socket

Turmeric with its antiseptic capabilities doesn't let any infection around the area. It can also help in blood clotting.

  • take a teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • add a few drops of clove oil to make a thick paste
  • apply this thick paste on the extracted area and press it with a cotton ball by applying pressure from the teeth on the opposite jaw.

This will not only clot the blood fast, but also avoid infection if any and relieve you from the dry socket pain. Healing of the jaw gum will occur fast.

5. Yogurt

Once the blood is clot and dry socket pain is reduced begin to eat a cup of yogurt 2-3 times a day. Yogurt has good bacteria and it helps healing dry socket fast. Make sure that the yogurt you eat is unsweetened and unflavored. Plain organic yogurt made at home can be the best solution from quick pain relief from dry socket.

Drinking cola or juice through a straw or smoking and chewing of tobacco can aggravate the condition and the blood clot may break down. This will now only cause dry socket but will also delay healing and can create more complications and infections.

Do not touch or pick dry socket, spit forcefully, brush forcefully or aggressively mouthwash. all these measures will delay the healing.

Make sure that no residue is left around the area after eating food. Try to eat from the other side of the jaw e.g, if the tooth extracted was on the left side then try to eat from the right side for a couple of days.

Be watchful of your dry socket and do not depend totally on home remedies if you are continuing to get the throbbing pain.