Ginger and garlic for appendicitis

Home Remedies for Appendicitis

Not treating appendicitis on time can be fatal. It can burst and spread infection in the abdomen which can lead to death. Appendicitis is a common disorder of the abdomen occurring during the age of 10-30 and men are more vulnerable than women.

Appendix is an unwanted small organ at the right side of the abdomen which can become inflamed and filled with pus. The condition is called appendicitis. The most common symptoms of appendicitis include constipation, nausea, loss of appetite and acute abdominal pain and mild fever. It takes about 24-48 hours for the appendix to burst after acute symptoms of appendicitis appear. Therefore, it becomes a medical emergency to treat it. Normally appendix is removed by laparoscopy surgically.

Home remedies can prevent appendicitis if proper care is taken after the early warning signs such as pain while pressing the right side of the abdomen appear.


When toxic products begin to accumulate in the appendix, it becomes irritated and inflamed. The objective of home remedies is to stop accumulation of these toxic materials. it is important to reemphasize here that the acute unbearable shooting pain in the right side of the abdomen is a medical emergency and at that time don't try any cure at home. It is already too late and you have no option but to visit a doctor who will most likely immediately remove your appendix before it bursts.

5 Natural Remedies for Appendicitis

We assume that you have detected mild pain in the right side of the abdomen and you do not want it to turn into appendicitis. Following will help you to achieve that objective.

1. Green Gram

Green gram is one of the very effective natural remedies to protect you from appendicitis but stopping accumulation of toxins in the appendix.

  • soak a tablespoon of green grams in a cup of water overnight
  • Remove the water and eat green grams by slowly chewing them. Make sure that the chewing is so slow and continuous that it takes at least 5 minutes to finish chewing that one tablespoon of soaked green grams.

Do it daily for a month to clear the inflammation of the appendix.

2. Garlic

Garlic is another powerful natural remedy to cure appendicitis. If you have early signs of appendicitis in the making then make garlic part of your daily diet. Add garlic in your dishes.

You can also consume garlic capsules or raw garlic. Take a clove of garlic and eat it. it may not be a pleasurable experience as garlic will sting and smell. However the benefits are immense so do it.

3. Vegetable Juices

One of the best vegetable juice for appendicitis is a mix of cucumber, beetroot and carrots. Make the juices of all three vegetables separately and then mix one part of each cucumber and beetroot in three parts of carrot juice. for example 50ml each of beet and cucumber juice in 150 ml of carrot juice will make a 250ml glass of juice.

Drink this juice daily two times for best results.

4. Plenty of Water

Drinking lots of water keeps the intestine and kidneys functioning well. Fully hydrated body has better immunity. Most of us are generally dehydrated all the time due to air conditioning. A conscious effort to drink at least one glass of water every hour during the day.

Water helps removing the toxins through the kidneys and that is why it is important to drink a lot of water.

Drinking a lot of water will avoid constipation which is one of the main causes of developing appendicitis. So we are treating constipation to avoid appendicitis by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

5. Ginger

Consumption of ginger will reduce inflammation. You can add ginger to your daily diet. Prepare dishes with ginger added. It will not only add to the taste but will save your from a lot of diseases including appendicitis.

Another way to get a quick relief is to prepare ginger tea and drink it three times a day. Clean and rush half inch of ginger root or grate it in a glass of water and steep it for 10 minutes. Let it cool to become palatable, add a teaspoon of honey, mix it well and drink it to enjoy every sip.

If these remedies have not reduced your inflammation and pain then visit a doctor. You may still continue to take these remedies but monitor your condition so that if a medical emergency arrives you are taken care of well.