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Thanks for your interest in our site. We strive to offer the best information on common ailments and their Home Remedies.

The information contained here is the gist of years of research and is for information purpose only. Not all home remedies work on all people. A combination of various factors such as age, condition of the ailment and degree of severity of ailment  and many other factors impact the effectiveness of any treatment - be it natural or prescribed.So your best guide remains your doctor.

Most home remedies and natural remedies are tried and found useful in various parts of the world but they still lack the FDA approval or medical practitioners seal of approval. Therefore under no circumstances home remedies should be taken as substitute for medical advice. Please read more in the disclaimer link at the bottom of the page.

We have tried to provide enough information on various ailments in simple terms for you to understand the illness itself to enable you to take up suitable preventative or corrective action under doctors prescriptions.

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