Neem Aloe Vera for prickly heat

Home Remedies for Prickly Heat Rashes

Come warm weather and you are likely to get prickly heat rashes. This summer time irritation occurs due to excessive sweating in hot humid conditions and people of all ages from adults to children to infants suffer from it.

Due to excessive sweat the sweat glands get locked and when they open they burst open resulting in prickly heat (miliaria) rashes.

There are a number of useful and effective remedies out there, but the one given here is one of the best home remedies for prickly heat rashes on the body.


But, let us just focus on what really happens to your body? Once you understand what causes it, you can take preventative measures to avoid it.

What Causes Prickly Heat Rashes?

If you live in extremely hot and sultry weather conditions then you are more likely to get prickly heat rashes on your body. In fact you just can't avoid them if you don't take extra precaution. Even if you are not living in those extreme conditions but summer time and other hot and humid days even during winter can cause prickly heat.

The mechanism of formation of prickly heat is easy to understand. The excessive sweat clogs your pores, As a result some perspiration remains trapped under the skin. When this trapped sweat burst out it forma rashes on the outer skin which are itchy and painful. Why do the sweat gland clog, is still not understood scientifically well.

Since baby's sweat ducts are not fully developed baby's are more vulnerable to prickly heat.

Some of the common factors that cause prickly heat during hot and humid conditions include:

  • oil based cosmetics that clog sweat glands
  • synthetic clothes that prevents sweat from evaporating
  • wearing very warm clothes in winter causing sweating which cant get evaporated due to the clothing
  • intensive physical activities such as excessive exercising
  • medications such as blood pressure and ADHD medications

Are Prickly Heat Rashes Itchy and Painful?

Prickly heat rashes are itchy and annoying and sometimes painful. Usually they are not painful but regular scratching can cause blisters which can be painful and if these blisters get infected then they can be extremely painful.

Is Prickly Heat Contagious?

No, prickly heat is not a contagious condition. It needs the external environment directly hitting your skin to be warm and humid. it can not be passed on from one person to another.

One Very Effective Home Remedy

There are a number of commercially available prickly heat powders that immediately give you relief. At the same time there are many home remedies for prickly heat such as oatmeal, chickpea flour, fuller's earth and baking soda etc that are commonly used to get relief from prickly heat rashes.

You will find a paste of Aloe Vera an Margosa leaves taking care of your prickly heat in the way no other remedy can for a long term relief.

Margosa leaves have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory capabilities and can control the inflammation and itching caused by prickly heat. aloe Vera gel has a very soothing and healing effect on the prickly heat rashes.

Grind handful of fresh margosa leaves to make a paste. Mix it with Aloe Vera gel in equal quantities. Apply this mixture on the affected area of prickly heat. Let it dry on its own. Rinse it with cool water. Do it every day during the summer months and whenever there is a potential of prickly heat. Do it even if there is no rashes on you body and particularly those areas of the body where historically you are more likely to get prickly heat.

This will not only heal you from prickly heat but also minimise it from occurring if you follow a daily routine.



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