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Home Remedies for Restless Legs Syndrome

Many lifestyle changes and home remedies can provide restless leg syndrome relief. Are you suffering from aches, pain and sensations when lying down in bed or even during sitting, it is most likely a neurological disorder called restless leg syndrome (RLS) or Willis-Ekbom Disease.

In restless Leg Syndrome, even though your rest of the body and mind are ready to sleep your legs feel like exercising. Since you do not get the required rest you need due to sleep disturbances caused by restless leg syndrome, your physical, mental and emotional health gets affected in the next morning and beyond.

Usually there are a number of medicines that doctors use to tame restless leg syndrome. Most of these medicines try to correct the dopamine production problems. Dopamine is a chemical that helps send messages between nerve cells. It may be necessary in most cases to go for these medications but medicine alone will not solve the problem. You will also have to make lifestyle changes.


In fact some cases of restless leg syndrome, a complete relief can be achieved with lifestyle changes and home remedies. These drug free treatments are better and effective. So whether you go for complete drug free treatment of use these remedies along with drugs, you are definitely going to expedite getting relief.

Lifestyle Changes for Restless Leg Syndrome

There are a number of things you can add to your daily routine to get relief from the condition. These are easy to follow and enjoyable activities. You need to be committed to get the best results out of these lifestyle changes.

1. Move Your Legs

Your legs are restless, they want activity. Begin walking. If you walk enough during the day time, your legs will not be as active in the night. A 45 minutes of brisk walk everyday in the morning will not only give you relief from the restless syndrome but will also improve your overall heart health.

Another activity you can add is to give stretch to your calves, Achilles tendons, thighs and hamstrings. Do 15-20 minutes of stretching daily. These activities and the walk together will give your leg a complete cycle of activities that it craves during the night.

The day time activity of legs are your best bet against night restless legs. Go for it.

2. Oil Massage

A 30 minutes of soothing oil massage will relax your muscles in the leg and relieves you from the symptoms of restless leg.

3. Hot Shower

A hot shower before going to bed helps in many cases of restless leg syndrome. The hot shower increases blood circulation and relaxes all muscles of the body.

After the shower when you go to bed, rub your soles of your feet with palms of your hands. This will induce sleep.

4. Hot and Cold Compress

Alter net hot and cold compress increase blood circulation. In some case just the hot compress or the cold compress will do the job. So try out what works best for you. A 15 minutes of hot, cold or a combination of hot and cold compress can make such a big difference in relieving you from the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

5. Have Sex

An intimate encounter during sex leads to relaxation. If your mind and body are relaxed and your legs were involved in the act, people claim that they have got relief from restless leg syndrome after sex.

Other Home Remedies

In addition to doing the above activities, stop certain activities such as alcohol and caffeine consumption. So no to all sorts of tobacco, that means no active or passive smoking. Also reduce your stress by medication, yoga and breathing techniques.

  • Chamomile Tea - Drink Chamomile tea before going to bed. It induces sleep.
  • Sleep Routine - Maintain a proper sleep routine. Go to bed every night at the same time. Read something to keep your mind focused on one subject and letting your tired eyes due to reading will make you fall asleep and you mind will not wander
  • Take Supplements - Vitamin D deficiency has been found to cause restless leg syndrome. Levels of iron and Vitamin C and E have also been found to have an impact on the condition. Taking supplements will help in reducing symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

With all the above changes and remedies your restless leg syndrome symptoms should vanish soon. Keep in touch with your doctor to monitor your condition, if required.