Fruits for weakness

Home Remedies for Weakness

Your general weakness can be attributed to feeling lack of energy, lethargic or tired. You may loose appetite, lack of concentration, find difficulties in sleeping and sweat excessively. The fatigue causes muscle weakness and you may feel drowsy and sluggish throughout the day.

Main cause of weakness is lack of essential nutrients and a weak immune system. Other causes can be alcoholism, insomnia, stress and excessive physical labor.

Weakness can also be caused by some underlying medical conditions such an anemia, arthritis and even cancer in addition to many other health conditions. In which cases a doctor's help is essential. However, in most cases home remedies for weakness will improve muscle strength, immunity and feeling of general well being.

5 Home Remedies for Muscle Strength and General Weakness

One of the main fallouts of today's lifestyle is lack of exercise leading to the feeling weak. Body cells are not getting enough oxygen as a result a general feeling of sluggishness prevails. We also do not eat a healthy diet in this age of fast food. Air-conditioning has killed out natural thirst for water.


So if you begin to exercise regularly for oxygen to circulate with the blood and reach all cells , eat healthy food to get nutrients and drink enough water to keep you hydrated, then you will not feel weakness. Within a week of beginning the above practice you feel reinvigorated and energetic.

Following specific food items will get rid of your weakness, improve muscle strength and keep you alert throughout the day. Continue their consumption and have patience to get results.

1. Banana to combat Muscle Weakness

If you have seen live tennis matches, you would have observed professional tennis players eating a banana during the short rest between sets. Banana has natural sugar (Fructose, Glucose and Sucrose) and potassium which converts sugar into energy.

  • Add a banana to your daily life
  • Peel the outer of a fresh ripe banana and eat when you feel weak
  • Make a smoothie with other fruit such as strawberry for enhanced energy boost

Whether you feel weak or not adding a banana in your daily life is a great way to remain cheerful.

2. Orange to Get Instant Energy to Fight Fatigue and Weakness

Orange is Vitamin rich C rich fruit. It also contains sugar and potassium. Eating a fresh orange gives instant energy.

  • Consume a full glass of orange juice in daily breakfast to avoid feeling week during the day
  • Peel the skin or Cut orange to eat the pulp

You an also make orange and carrot juice together to get a dose of beta carotene from carrot which improves immunity.

3. Walnut for Getting Rid of Cardiovascular Weakness

One of the main useful component of Walnuts is the amino acid l-arginine. It strengthens muscles including cardiovascular benefits. If your heart function and blood circulation is good then you will not get the feeling of weakness.

  • Eat a handful of walnuts daily
  • Add walnuts to smoothies

The best time to consume walnuts is at breakfast time. Make oatmeal with walnuts as a regular breakfast. You can add almonds also to get more benefits from its vitamin E content.

4. Milk for Bone and Muscle Strength

Milk is a great source of Vitamin B and Calcium. Both these elements improve bone and muscle strength.

  • Drink a warm glass of milk whenever you feel fatigued. it will give instant relief
  • Adding dates, almonds and walnuts to a glass of milk and boil it. Put it in a blender grinder to crush the nuts. Add a teaspoon of honey to make a great energy drink.

5. Strawberries to fight general Weakness

Strawberries are a great fruit to combat fatigue and weakness. Eating ripe fresh strawberries is a delight. it is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants. it contains manganese and fiber to make it a healthy diet.

  • Drink a glass of strawberry juice whenever you feel weakness
  • Eat a cup of strawberries
  • Make strawberry and banana smoothie

If none of these remedies help you to feel energetic and you still feel weakness, then you must visit a doctor to rule out any underlying medical condition.