Apple and lemon for weight loss

Home Remedies to Lose Weight Naturally

If you are concerned about your weight gain, then you must do something immediately about reducing it. None of the home remedies will produce any result, if you are not consistent and committed towards your goal of achieving desired weight loss in a specific time frame.

You require a strategy that is practical and doable. If your expectations are to lose too many pounds too soon then you will be disappointed. You have to work on your body and mind slowly and consistently to lose weight.

In most cases, it is the lack of commitment that stops you from achieving your objective. Some people by nature are really deeply committed to any project they take on for their personal and unprofessional development and they are always successful, but most people take things lightly and easily get disheartened and derail themselves from the right track too soon.


If you are one of those who is genuinely interested in reducing weight and can remain consistent in following these home remedies. You will gradually lose weight.

In fact, there may be methods of losing weight fast by taking certain specific diets and pills, but be aware that those methods of quick weight loss have side effects on other parts of your body. Your weight loss strategy should be based on a holistic healthy approach.

To Lose Weight You Must Understand What is Causing It

It is obvious that if you first stop the weight gain process and then begin your weight loss strategy, it will produce better results. you must understand the real cause of your recent weight gain, if there is a medical condition then that should be ruled out before you begin your journey to reduce your weight. Some medical conditions such as hormonal imbalances and some medications promote weight gain. Check with your doctor and take appropriate action of either changing the medicine or treat the medical condition.

Following are some of the well known and lesser known causes of weight gain. Fix them

1. Depression and Depression Pills

If you are depressed and taking medication then it is almost certain that you will pick up weight gain over a period of time. This weight gain happens gradually and takes years to build up. Once you recognize that the weight gain is because of the medication of depression, in fact it is, then consult your doctor to gradually reduce the quantity to finally give up the medication. You may have to use natural remedies for depression and other methods to deal with it.

Even if you are not taking any medication for depression, you are still likely to gain weight. Usually a sad or depressed person will find solace in eating junk food. This craving for food is intense and it is subconscious. It is going to build extra pounds around your waist, thighs and the entire body. You need to take professional help to control overeating junk food as well as learn to deal with your depression.

2. Digestive Problems

Your digestion system may be one of the causes of your gaining those extra pounds. Maybe you are not eating enough fibrous food, you have bad bacteria in your stomach or any other reason that is causing your bowel movement and digestion system to malfunction. All these problems may either cause weight loss or weight gain.

The pills you take to deal with your digestion problems may also be causing weight gain. Constipation and dehydration can cause weight gain. Stop using chemical medicines and use home remedies for constipation under the guidance of your doctor to deal with all your digestion problems.

3. Malnutrition

Deficiencies of certain nutrients such as magnesium, iron and vitamin D can have an impact on your immune system resulting in malfunctioning of your digestive tract. You may begin to take extra caffeine, sugar and calories to compensate for the lack of energy you are feeling as a result of these deficiencies.

Eat healthy and nutritional food and get enough sun exposure to deal with vitamin D deficiency and boost immunity.

4. Getting Older

If you are getting older and gaining weight then your metabolism is slowing down due to old age causing the weight gain. You need to improve your metabolism by exercise and healthy diet.

5. Other cause of Weight gain

Though some of them are common and other not so common, lifestyle disorders such as high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and range of other medical conditions can add those extra pounds around your body. Find out those causes and fix them.

Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Once the above underlying causes of weight gain are found and you begin to deal with it, your weight gain will stop. In fact it will give some loss also.

Now that you have plugged the weight gain, let us look at the following home remedies to reduce your weight. Be committed to it by remaining consistent in taking action regularly on a daily basis.

1. Exercise Daily

One of the biggest causes of your weight gain is your sedentary lifestyle. You need to get off your butt and move. If you are a weight conscious person then you simply can't ignore exercising regularly.

A 45 minute brisk walk will produce enough oxygen circulation to your entire body. The brain which doesn't get enough oxygen due to the sedentary lifestyle will get enough supply. This will improve your metabolism and eating habits.

So embrace regular exercise daily.

2. Sleep Well

Sleep is essential for your overall health. The complex system of your body need to take rest and rejuvenate. Sleep deprivation affects your insulin resistance, metabolism and heart functioning. It has been statistically found that the people who are sleep deprived gain weight.

If you have already begun to exercise, your sleep cycle will improve on its own. But you still have to put in extra effort to sleep well. Use lifestyle changes and home remedies for better sleep such as talking calming teas.

3. Control Diet

Diet control doesn't mean deprivation. Diet control means eat healthy. Your body needs nutrients so you need to eat a healthy diet that provides you with all your nutrient needs for the day everyday.

Fatty and junk foods, which has become a craze these days due to ease of excess and inviting food smell. Avoid such foods. Eat more fiber rich foods, fruits and vegetables along with fish, legumes and other low fat animal proteins as a balanced diet.

4. Eat Apples

If you can avoid carbohydrates in your snacks, particularly when your are overweight or obese, then you will do a great favor to your body. Eat an apple for a snack. It is packed with fiber that will curb your appetite. Whenever you feel the urge to eat something, eat an apple instead of eating undesirable junk food full of carbs and fats.

Pectin in apples can help reduce cholesterol in your body as well as regulate sugar in your body to slower absorption of carbohydrates. All these capabilities of apple will improve your metabolism and help in reducing weight.

5. Flax Seed

Flax seeds are rich in fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. It helps you to reduce cholesterol, manages blood sugar levels and improves bowel movement. Add a teaspoon of freshly ground flax seeds to your breakfast cereals or salads.

6. Dark Chocolates

Your sweet tongue may be striving for sweets. Give it judiciously. There is no real benefit in completely suppressing the desire for sweets. Dark chocolate is the best remedy. It will satiate the desire for sweets without causing insulin spikes. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that do the job of slow absorption of sugar in the blood. Make sure that the dark chocolate you eat has at least 70% cocoa to ensure effectiveness. Too much milk and sugar in the chocolate will be counterproductive.

7. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice with black pepper will help you reduce weight slowly but certainly. Vitamin C in Lemon helps in proper digestion and and a chemical called piperine in the black pepper helps in reducing the fat contents in the body. Some studies show that it actually interferes with the fat producing genes to reduce fat.

Add juice of half a lemon to one glass of normal temperature drinking water. Add 1/4 teaspoon of ground black pepper and drink the concoction. Do it daily early in the morning for best results.

So you now realize that weight reduction is a process that requires consistency and commitment. make a resolve and begin your weight loss plan with the remedies recommended above.