Too slim

How to Gain Weight Fast Easily and Safely

The perspectives may be different, but weight is always in discussions irrespective of whether you are obese or skinny. If you are one of those skinny people who wants to gain weight, then you are not alone. 

There are a sizable number of people who want to increase their weight, and many of them are not skinny.

Being underweight is not only aesthetically unappealing, but is also a health concern. Even if you are not underweight, but want to gain some extra muscle weight, you are thinking on a healthy line.

You can gain weight fast easily, safely and effectively. Get ready to gain weight in a systematic manner with better nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Some people are genetically skinny, and others find it hard to gain weight. If you understand your background of low weight, then it is much easier to decide on a strategy that will help you to achieve your goal of quick and sustainable weight gain easily.

Do it in a healthy way, so that you don't get into other trouble, including obesity. The aim is to stay balanced, neither skinny nor obese.

Being obese or underweight, both are serious health conditions. Which one is dangerous?

Well, you may have guessed it wrong. According to a Japanese study, mortality rates were considerably higher (almost double) in the underweight people as compared to the normal or overweight people. Body mass index (BMI) below 18.5 was considered as underweight and BMI in the range of 25-30 was considered overweight.

Although BMI is not an accurate measure of being healthy or unhealthy, it still is a good indicator of being underweight or overweight if you consider same ethnicity people.

Therefore, gaining weight for underweight people becomes a necessary health activity. Your overall quality of life will improve, if you are a balanced weight person.

What are the Main Causes of Being Underweight?


In the developed countries eating disorders are the main causes of being underweight as compared to malnutrition, which is one of the main causes of being underweight in the poor countries. Eating disorders can be caused by a serious mental disorder called anorexia nervosa.

Various kinds of infections due to parasites and certain serious infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are also responsible for gradual or sudden weight reduction. Cancer also reduces weight as the tumor grows.

But, hyperthyroidism and diabetes ( particularly type 1) are the two main causes of being underweight in well to do families.

In most cases of such weight losses are sudden, recent and without any effort. Under those circumstances you would generally visit a doctor to find out the underlying causes.

After ruling out serious underlying disease, if any, you can now build a healthy strategy to gain weight.

Healthy Ways to Gain Weight - Safer and Faster

Most obese people know how to gain weight effortlessly, but that is not what you want. Many of these people are now concerned and are changing their lifestyle to lose weight. They know it as well you can understand it that eating junk fatty food and drinking sodas can do the job for you, but you don't want clogged arteries, lever problems and diabetes along with the weight.

There are certainly are many healthy ways to gain weight. Some of them are listed below:

Eat Healthy Eat More

Eating more calories than burning is the mantra for weight gain. So eat more, but eat wisely. Eat healthy foods.

You don't have to count calories at this stage. Just increase the quantity of healthy food you are currently eating and keep a watch on your weight. If you are currently feeling healthy but skinny then that is the only way. So now let us focus on what you need to eat more...

Eat Healthy Carbs and Fats

Both carbohydrates and fat helps to gain weight fast. It is very likely that you have not been eating as much as carbs and fats as you should have been. That is perhaps why you are skinny. Your body has adjusted to eating less.

Eat more whole grain foods and white meat. These are healthy alternatives to generally consumed white breads and french fries. Maintain an exercise routine. The objective is to gain muscle weight. Exercise helps the body fat to turn into muscle. If you don't eat enough then calories burned by the exercise then you won't gain weight.

Eat More Proteins

Muscles need proteins to grow. Eat more plant proteins such as legumes and eggs and meats. Proteins are a very filling food and take time to digest. Therefore you may not feel hungry to eat more. That is where the exercise will help. It will burn the calories into making muscles and you will feel hungry.

Dried Fruits and Nuts

Dried apricots, prunes, raisins and dates are not only tasty but are healthy calories for weight gain. Almonds walnuts and other nuts are also high caloric food items. Eat them liberally.

If you really want to eat more quantities of healthy foods, then add spices while cooking your carbs, proteins and fats. Adding taste develops desire and cravings.

So if you have a good intake of healthy carbs, proteins and fats and keep a regular check on your weight, then you can gain weight effectively sooner than later.