Yogurt for osteoporosis

Natural Remedies for Osteoporosis

Our bones tissues break down and rebuild regularly. During the first 3 decades of our life the bone density increases, then it stabilizes and begins to reduce. Osteoporosis occurs when more bone tissue is lost and less rebuilt.

In this reduction of bone mass, the bones become porous and fragile. Women lose more bone mass during menopause as the estrogen levels are down.

After about 5 years or so into menopause, their rate of bone loss is similar to men as estrogen levels stabilizes.

Even a mild osteoporosis increases probability of bone fracture. Home remedies can control osteoporosis.

Home Remedies for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can not be reversed, but it can be prevented as well as controlled. Diet becomes the most important aspect of treating osteoporosis. Eating the right kind of food can increase your bone density and protect you for the ill effect of osteoporosis.


Calcium is the most important mineral for bone strength to control your osteoporosis. An average adult requires 1000mg of calcium per day.

By the time a women menopause and men goes into his seventies this requirement is increased by 20% to maintain the same bone strength.

1. Dairy Products

Milk is the best source of calcium. A glass of 225ml milk contains 300mg of calcium. Skimmed milk or whole milk of the same quantities will have same calcium content. Make a glass of milk a daily routine.

If you don't like milk, no problems. You can eat yogurt or cheese. Both are richer in calcium content then the milk. A cup of yogurt or two thick slices of Swiss cheese has the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk.

If you are lactose intolerant, then consume lactose free dairy products. Removing lactose from dairy products doesn't reduce its calcium content.

Dairy products therefore are your best defense against osteoporosis.

2. Fish

Sardines are an excellent source of calcium. Eating just 100gm of sardine will provide you with 300mg of calcium which is almost equal to a calcium coming from a glass of milk. Include sardines in your daily diet to keep your bones stronger to fight osteoporosis.

Salmons are another type of fish contains vitamin D which helps absorption of Calcium. It contains Omega3 also which helps in increasing bone strength and preventing osteoporosis.

3. Green Vegetables

Most dark green leafy vegetables have large calcium contents. Chinese cabbage, collard, bok choy, kale and turnip greens are all great sources of calcium. Add them to your daily diet and control osteoporosis.

4. Soy Products

Soy milk and tofu are usually calcium enriched products. In addition to its calcium content soy has another very important ingredient to improve bone strength.

This plant based chemical is called isoflavones. Soy products such as tofu is an excellent food to eat during the menopause to avoid onset of osteoporosis. Include it in your daily diet.

5. Nuts and seeds

While it is important to consume more calcium to fight osteoporosis, it is also important that the calcium is absorbed by the body. Almonds and peanuts are potassium rich food items that protects the loss of calcium through urine. Nuts containing omega3 and other proteins are also good as basic building blocks of strengthening the bones.

Bone Straightening

In addition to food based calcium rich products, there are other methods to strengthen the bones. A combination of all these bone strengthening activities will help you to prevent and fight osteoporosis.

a. Exercise

Once your bones get the required nutrients they require to be stressed to become strong. Any weight bearing exercise ranging from brisk walking to dancing will help. Sports such as tennis are also useful in strengthening the bones.

Add a 45 minute routine of brisk walking to your daily life, if you can't get access to sporting activities.

b. Sun Exposure

Most people living in air conditioning environment lack vitamin D which is very important for calcium absorption. Even people living in cloudy environment have similar problems. So get out in the sun during the early morning when the sun is not radiating ultraviolet rays.

A 45 minute of brisk walk in the early morning sun exposure will fulfill your both objectives of exercise and sun exposure. begin the practice now.

If you are above 70 then you may require vitamin D supplements to combat osteoporosis.

c. Other Precautions

Avoid those activities or food items that reduces calcium absorption. Sedentary lifestyle has to become active. Reduce your salt intake as it flushes out calcium through urine.

If you take care of all the above, then you will not suffer the ill effects of osteoporosis.