Aloe vera for peeling skin

Home Remedies for Peeling Skin

You have been to the beach in the morning and lost count of time. and the next day your skin begins peeling off from all over the body particularly from the face and the neck. You have severe sunburn.

Do not scratch. If you scratch you will damage the skin and run the risk of causing infection. You need home remedies to get rid of the peeling skin due to sunburn.

Most of the time, the unprotected long exposure to the Sun causes the skin to begin peeling. You may be tempted to get rid of that buy trying to remove the skin. But stop do not peel it off yet. Follow a step by step approach to get rid of the old peeled skin and save yourself from scars and infection. A new skin is being developed under the peeled skin, so you just need to have patience and learn to deal with the condition to get fast healing.


Though sunburn is one of the most prominent causes of peeling skin, there are many other causes that do the same. Some of them include hot water bath, cool weather conditions, dry skin and genetics.

Whatever may be the cause of peeling of skin, you need to deal with it diligently and take extra care to ensure that you do not damage the skin and cause scars.

Here is what you should do to remove peeling skin...

1. Take Cold Water Bath

When the skin begins to peel, it will give you itchy feeling. You need to remain extra vigilant to avoid scratching at all costs. Make sure that you do not do anything that can hurt your skin and give an infection later. In order to soothe the itchy feeling, take a cold water bath or shower. The water need not be very cold. Even room temperature water will do the job, but make sure that the water is not hot. You can bathe or shower 2- 3 times a day. In fact you actually will enjoy this cold water shower, because the itching feeling really subsides and you feel good.


2. Apply Ice

Cold water bath will certainly subside the Itchy feeling. But its effect may not last for long. You can't keep taking a bath every hour or so. it is not practically possible, so in order to subside the itchy feeling you can apply ice whenever you feel like scratching. Don't scratch just apply ice. It will be really beneficial as you will not be hurting your skin to cause infection or scars.

3- Aloe Vera to Moisturize Skin

Applying Aloe Vera after the bath. It really removes the dryness to the skin and reduces the itchy feeling. it is important to use fresh Aloe Vera gel which has no chemical preservatives added. If fresh Aloe Vera is not not available then you can use any good moisturizer. Olive oil, grape seed oil, castor oil and coconut oil are very good oils to moisturize your skin.

4- Rehydrate

Keep hydrating yourself throughout the day by drinking water and other non aerated fluids. When you moisturize the skin from outside the outermost layer remains hydrated. Since skin has many layers, these inner skin layers will remain hydrated throughout the day by being hydrated from inside the body. Therefore, it is very important to keep drinking water or other fluids regularly. Avoid tea and coffee until your sunburn peeling skin is completely removed on its own and replaced by a new skin.