Hickey on neck

Fastest Ways to Get Rid of a Hickey

Isn't hickey a sort of open confession statement of your love written on your skin by your lover? It is, and it can be embarrassing.

A Hickey is a bruise caused by pooling of blood inside the skin by broken capillaries resulting from kissing or sucking the skin hard. No wonder, it is called love bite.

Generally it heals on its own within a week or two, and it doesn't leave any marks. So the real issue is to hide the hickeys to avoid becoming the center of attention at the cost of privacy.

The fastest way to hide a hickey is to just change the clothes and wearing less revealing garments. The areas around your chest, back and thighs can easily be concealed by suitable clothing. Within minutes your hickey is invisible to the rest of the world. It is basic commonsense.

If you have it on your face, then you can hide it changing hair style or applying makeup. Once again a common sense.

While you may hide it from the rest of the world, but you would be happy to get rid of them as early as possible, so that you feel more relaxed and wear the clothes you want.

Following ways will help you to heal you hickeys quickly.


1. Stop Internal Bleeding As Soon As Possible with Cold Compress

If you look into the mirror just after the intimate affairs and see strange dark spot appearing, then apply ice immediately. application of the ice should always be indirect. Wrap the ice in a wash cloth and apply. Any other method of cold compress will do the job.

It will constrict the broken capillaries and stop the internal bleeding. Lesser the bleeding faster the healing.

Search your entire body for the signs of hickeys and apply cold compress everywhere. Ask your partner to assist you.

2. Apply Hot Compress on after Two Days

If your hickeys are not gone away within the first two days, then it is time to disperse the clotted blood inside your skin. 48 hours are generally enough time for the broken capillaries to rehabilitate. If you were careful enough to use cold compress, then the bleeding would stopped immediately.

You cant apply warm compress until the capillaries are repaired, otherwise the weak capillaries will begin to bleed again due to stimulation by heat. We want to stimulate the clotted blood, not the broken capillaries, that is why waiting for 48 hours.

Apply hot compress for 15 minutes 4-6 times a day. As the blood disperses, the blue, purple or dark brown spots will begin to shade darkness and become lighter in shades before finally disappearing over a period of the next couple of days or more.

3. Massaging with a brush

This is also an effort to disperse the clotted blood. The objective is to use a mechanical method to improve blood circulation around the affected area, so that the clot loosens up.

Old toothbrush can be a very good implement to use for massaging the area. Vibrating toothbrush will be even better.

Apply sufficient pressure while brushing out you hickeys, but ensure that you don't cause redness or irritation. Just gentle massage. You can use a comb to replace the toothbrush. Even massaging the area by hand is good.

Don't apply any creams or chemicals. the temporary injury is inside the skin layer, therefore no chemicals outside will help you to heal it. yes, chemicals such as makeup certain will help you to hide it.