Coconut Oil for Sensitive Skin

How to Moisturize Sensitive Skin

If your skin starts stinging, burning, feels tight or turns red with the use of skin care products and you begin to believe that your skin is sensitive, then you are wrong. All the rashes and discomforts are only indicating that certain chemicals do not suit your skin. These symptoms do not in any way convey that your skin is sensitive in medical terms.

A sensitive skin has a completely different meaning to dermatologists. If your skin becomes very dry and it can not protect the nerve that riches the out skin, then you have a sensitive skin. Your skin may show signs of bumps, pustules and erosion.


Most common causes for a sensitive skin are allergic skin reactions such as contact dermatitis, eczema and rosacea. Excessive exposure to sun or cold can make a skin sensitive as a result of the nerve ending not able to reach the outer skin.

It is believed that genetics and age are also factors to make a skin sensitive.

Once it is established that you have a sensitive skin, then your skin care products including natural moisturizers must be carefully selected for the sensitive skin. Use the best moisturizer that suits your skin.

Men also have to equally be concerned about their sensitive skin as most women are. Maintaining a healthy skin is important for every one.

How to Take Good Care of Sensitive Skin?

Every sensitive skin reacts differently to different skin care products. Therefore it is very difficult to generalize and decide what is the best cleanser or moisturizer for all sensitive skins.

There are certain common observations by dermatologists that high fragrance and soaps containing strong detergents should not be used on face , if you have sensitive skin.


If you just focus on your moisturizer and ignore cleansing agents and deodorants then you will not do much favor to your sensitive skin. Every product that touches your skin must be carefully selected.

If you decide to use chemical products then you must ensure that they have limited numbers of known ingredients. Less numbers will make it less complicated and you will also know by experience, which ingredients your skin can tolerate.

As a general rule avoid skin care products containing Alcohol, Retinoids or Alpha-Hydroxy acids and deodorant and antibacterial ingredient.

Your best bet will still be using natural raw products.

There are many products such as honey and aloe Vera etc that can be applied directly on the skin, but you can't keep them on the skin for longer. You have to apply them and remove them after some time.

Honey can be used with avocado and kept it for 10-15 minutes. Then wash and clean it. You can also apply fresh Aloe Vera Gel directly on the skin, but after 30-60 minutes you will need to clean you face.

Coconut oil and other natural oils are the best for long term application.

Take a small amount of coconut oil in a teaspoon. Add a few drops of water. Mix it well for the coconut oil to emulsify. Apply it on your face and leave it there.