Home Remedies for Jock Itch

Jock itch or tinea cruris, is an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition. Though Jock itch affects both men and women, men are more prone to it than the women.It generally occurs on the groin,inner thighs, genital area and buttocks.

Jock is a very common rash in the groin of older people and athletes. The rashes are pink to red and can produce unbearable itch at times. Since male anatomy is different than women anatomy, this condition is generally seen in men. Women do get it but it is rare.


Though jock itch can affect any otherwise healthy person, people with diabetes and obesity are more susceptible. In most cases, jock itch may disappear on its own; you may not require any treatment.

What Causes Jock Itch?

Any one, particularly if you are a male adult, can get jock itch. If your immune system is weak due to any other illness then your chances of getting jock itch increases.

Your lifestyle and infections both can cause jock itch. Following are the main causes:

  • Tight clothing and undergarments which trap moisture from sweat
  • Warm ambiance and skin friction in the groin
  • Fungal infections by Trichophyton, and Epidermophyton
  • Yeast infections by candida
  • Bacterial infections

Jock Itch Risk factors

If you are male, adult and living under the following conditions, then you are more likely to get jock itch.

  • Excessive heat environment
  • Humid and moisture conditions
  • Sweat profusely
  • Weak immunity due to any sickness
  • Wear very tight fitted occlusive fabric material garments and undergarments

In addition to this there is good habit such as exercising keeps you healthy can also cause jock itch.

Signs and Symptoms of Jock Itch

Jock itch is a slowly growing condition so your initial symptoms will be of mild itching feeling in the groin area, then rashes begin to emerge and at last it may be so intense in some cases that the itch becomes unbearable.

The skin rashes can be

  • Dry
  • Rough
  • Bumpy
  • Pus can form
  • Begin to ooze

These rashes invariably are formed on both sides of the groin and in the folds. They may spread to genitals, scrotum and anus. Uncircumcised man can get infection in the penis. Women can get white vaginal discharge and yeast infections.

Fortunately jock itch doesn't affect the entire body, but in some worst cases it may cause open sores and ulcers in the skin.

Other similar conditions such as ringworm, eczema intertrigo, atopic dermatitis, heat rash and xerosis symptoms can also mimic jock itch symptoms, therefore a proper diagnosis must be done if the condition is not getting cured with home remedies.

Diet does not affect jock itch in any ways.

Natural Ways to Cure Jock Itch


First of all you must understand that jock itch is a fungal infection, and it is contagious. Take following precautions first before even trying to cure it.

  • Don't share undergarments with others.
  • Wear loose undergarments
  • Reduce Weight if you are overweight
  • Cure if you have athlete foot because it will lead to jock itch if it has not already
  • improve your immunity by eating nutritious foods and regular exercise

With the above precautions and the following remedies you should be able to get rid of jock itch soon.

1. Cure Jock Itch with Onion and/or Garlic

Onion has powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal capabilities and makes a very good remedy for jock itch. You can apply onion in two different ways to the affected area.

Cut slices of onion and immediately rub on the affected area. use as many slices as required to cover the entire jock itch affected area. Leave it there for 30 minutes and wash the area with warm water and dab it dry.

Another method is to make a paste of onion in a mixer grinder. Apply the paste on the affected area. keep it for 30 minutes and clean and dry as explained above.

You can apply garlic paste in the exact similar way as the onion paste. Garlic has sulfur and is anti-fungal. You can also use a garlic onion mix paste for even better effect.

The area will have a foul smell during the period it stays on your body. Once you have washed and cleaned the area with warm water your body odor will be back to normal.

2. Cure Jock Itch With Vinegar

Washing the area with Apple Cider Vinegar or white vinegar will get rid of jock itch within 4-6 weeks. Add a tablespoon of any one of the two mentioned vinegar in a glass of water to dilute it. Wash the area with the solution and then leave it there for 30 minutes before giving it another wash with warm water.

3. Cure Jock Itch with Tea Tree Oil

Tree tea oil with its antifungal and antibacterial properties is used for many different skin conditions. It is very useful jock itch remedy. The best way to apply is to add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in half teaspoon of coconut oil which also is antibacterial and apply the mixture in the affected area.

You should begin to see the changes within a week. Keep applying the mixture until your jock itch symptoms are completely gone.

4. Cure Jock Itch with Salt Bath

Put a cup of sea salt in the bathtub and fill the bathtub with water. Soak your body in the bath water for 30 minutes by rubbing the water on your entire body including the jock itch affected area.

Get out of the tube and drain the salt water. Take shower in freshwater. Dry yourself with a cotton towel and wear loose fit clothes.

If you have access to sea water than make it a point to swim for 30 minutes in sea as many times as possible during a week. Within 3-4 weeks your jock itch should vanish.

5. Cure Jock Itch with Rest

If you have the luxury of time and you can simply rest at home. Wear full length robes no undergarments and maintain humidity in the room at acceptable levels or in an air-conditioned room, then within 2-3 days your jock itch may disappear.

Taking rest increases immunity which then help cure jock itch fast. When we are talking about rest we are also talking about resting your mind with the body. So while at rest do meditation.

6. Cure Jock Itch with Coconut Oil

Coconut relieves inflammation. It is antifungal as well as antibacterial. Apply coconut oil in the affected area twice a day. Virgin coconut oil is better so it will be great if you can get virgin coconut oil or use home made virgin coconut oil.

While applying coconut oil or any other product on the skin it is important that the moisture is completely removed before the application. So clean the area with warm water, dab it dry with a towel and then apply.

7. Cure Jock Itch by Maintaining Proper Hygiene

In addition to all the above remedies following proper hygiene practices to make sure that the spread of jock itch area is not allowed to spread and heal fast.

If you had maintained the proper hygiene you would not have got jock itch. All the precautions given above should be followed even after getting it. Take baths more frequently. Change your undergarments twice a day and ensure that you avoid humid conditions and wear loose clothes.