Garlic for fungus

Home Remedies for Fungal Infection

There are thousands of different varieties of fungi present around you, and many of them live right there on your body, most of them on your skin.

They don't cause any harm until certain conditions overgrows them. Warm and humid conditions are breeding ground in which they multiply causing full blown fungal infections.

Almost every part of your skin including the scalp is vulnerable to fungal infections, but the most common area include, skin below the breasts, groin , urinary tract, vagina, mouth, nails and nail beds and scalp.

While the damp and warm conditions act as catalyst, poor hygiene, diabetes, weakened immunity and poor blood circulation are the main causes of fungal infections. You may also get it from other infected people, and sometimes due to skin injuries or overuse of antibiotics.


And the good news is that you can get rid of most of the fungal infections with the help of simple home remedies available in your kitchen.

Get Rid of Fungal Infections With These 5 Kitchen Items

The healing takes place slowly in almost all cases of fungal infections. You need to be patient to work diligently on your skin. Keep using these home remedies for some more weeks even if you feel that all the fungi is killed. This extra applications ensures that the infection doesn't reoccur.

If you have diabetes, then these remedies will take even longer than normal. Control you diabetes naturally in addition to working on fungal infections.

1. Apply Yogurt on Fungi

Make sure that the yogurt you use is unsweetened or flavored. You need a plain yogurt with live culture.

Depending upon which skin area is affected by fungal infection, you need to apply it. In most of the outer skin parts, you can simply apply yogurt with the help of a cotton ball.

Dip a cotton ball into yogurt and apply if by gently dabbing on the affected area. Keep it for an hour or so and then wash the area with normal water and wipe it dry.

If you have a fungal infection of the mouth, then dilute yogurt with water and squish it inside the mouth like gargling and spit it out. Do it for 15 minutes twice a day.

For vaginal fungal infections, dip a tampon in yogurt and insert it in vagina to keep it there for 2-3 hours.

In addition to the external application of yogurt, make it a habit of eating 200-250 grams of plain yogurt daily. it will not only protect you from the fungal infections but will also prevent many bacterial infections inside the stomach.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar for Fungal Infections

apple cider vinegar and all the other vinegars antimicrobial properties which help kill the fungi. it also stops further spreading of the infection because of its mild acidic composition.

Application of Apple Cider Vinegar is very similar to the application of yogurt on the affected area.

You should also drink the Apple Cider Vinegar by diluting it with water. Add 9 parts of water and one part of apple cider vinegar in a glass and drink it.

Gargling with apple cider vinegar will greatly help if you have a fungal infection in the mouth.

3. Turmeric only for Specific Parts of Skin to Remove Fungal Infections

Turmeric is a very potent natural anti-fungal, antiseptic and antibiotic agent. You will need raw turmeric root to treat fungal infection.

Take the juice out of one tiny root and apply it in the affected area. it will dry itself. Wipe it clean with warm water after 2-3 hours and dry the skin. do it 2 times a day for weeks until the fungal infection is gone.

be warned that your skin may turn yellow remain yellow for a long time, so apply it in the covered area of your skin such as under the breast and groin. Do not apply it in the vagina or mouth to treat fungal infection.

4. Tea to kill Fungi

Tea also has a similar effect on skin color as turmeric. it will make your skin dark instead of yellow as turmeric does. So apply it only in the covered skin area of your body such as under the breast and groin only.

Tannin in the tea helps to get rid of fungal infections. Tea also acts as an astringent so it helps to soothe the skin irritation and swelling caused by a fungal infection.

5. Garlic

Garlic is an excellent antifungal agent. it is more powerful than any other remedies for fungi given above.

You can use garlic in different ways in different parts of the body. For Vaginal fungal infection, crush a thick garlic clove, wrap it in a fine linen or cotton cloth and insert. Keep it there for 15-30 minutes only.

On the other areas of skin, apply the garlic juice by crushing it.

Some fungal infections such as old toenail fungus are very difficult to treat, they require different types of treatment. But, for all other fungus the above given 5 methods work well. In fact if you just use the easily available yogurt and or apple cider vinegar, you may not use any other remedies. However, if these don't work then consult your doctor.