Tomatoes for Freckles

Home Remedies for Freckles

Freckles are dark tiny round spots on your skin generally caused by overexposure to the sun rays. Hormonal imbalance and genetics can also cause these spots on your skin.

Your face has the highest probabilities of suffering from freckles as it gets the maximum exposure to the sun.

Freckles indicates faulty pigmentation of the skin. Fairer people can get affected easily as the amount of dark pigmentation called melanin increases.

The clusters of melamine on the outer surface begin to become visible. Initially they appear as brown spots, which gradually turn red and yellow.


You face, neck, shoulders and arms which are exposed to the sun are the first spaces on your skin where freckles are visible. There are many ways to get rid of freckles ranging from bleaching to surgical removal.

All these methods have different side effects, however on the other hand there are many home remedies for freckles which do not have side effects, but may work slowly to show results.

It is still better to try those methods first before going to redial measures such as surgical removal of freckles.

3 Powerful Remedies to Get Rid of Freckles

Freckles do affect self esteem and confidence in many cases, therefore it is important to use the remedies when early signs of freckles begin to appear on you skin.

Genetic freckles will be very difficult to get rid of with simple remedies, but freckles caused by sun exposure and hormonal changes will respond well to most of these home remedies.

1. Sour Milk

Don't throw away you sour milk if you have any kind of skin spots. In fact sour milk is one of the best remedies for freckles and lightening other spots on your skin.

Let us understand how it works. Lactic acid present in the sour milk inhibits tyrosinase which produces melanin and other pigments.

Lactic acid is hitting the source of freckles. Regular use will get rid of freckles.

  • dip a cotton ball in sour milk
  • apply it on the freckles
  • leave it there for 15 minutes
  • was the skin with warm water

Adding lemon to sour milk will improve the potency by double action.

2. Lemon Juice for lightening Freckles

Lemon juice is a very good remedy for freckles because of its bleaching capabilities. You can apply lemon in many different ways to tackle freckles.

  • apply lemon juice directly on the freckle affected skin. Massage it and leave it there for 15 minutes.
  • wash your skin with warm water
  • do it 2-3 times a day

Another way to apply lemon is with buttermilk

  • take cup of buttermilk
  • add a tablespoon of lemon juice, and mix it well
  • massage the affected skin area with the mix for 5 minutes
  • wash the skin with warm water

Buttermilk on its own is also good remedy for freckles and removal of other dark spots on the skin.

3. Tomato Juice

Tomato pup is a good source to lighten freckles. You need to cut tomato in a special style for the most effective use.

  • keep a washed tomato on the cutting board
  • cut the tomato from all four sides so that the middle part with seeds is left over
  • from each cut part remove the seeds
  • rub the inner side of Tomato piece on your skin for 5-10 minutes on the freckle affected skin
  • leave it for 10 minutes and wash you skin with warm water

You will see considerable lightening of freckles within the 2 weeks of using above remedies.