Aloe Vera H2O2 for blisters on tongue

Home Remedies for Blisters on Tongue

You can not eat properly and you may also find it difficult to speak when you have blisters on your tongue. The experience is painful when you do any one of these activities.

Sometimes it is very difficult to get any taste from the food in addition to the difficulties in eating and swallowing your most choicest foods.

Tongue blisters can be caused by food and medicine allergies. Weakness in immune system, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal changes and upset stomach can also cause blisters on the tongue.

Conditions and diseases like anemia, viral infection, herpes simplex, hand-foot and mouth disease and many other chronic infection are also responsible for these ulcers. Home remedies for tongue blisters can provide safe and effective pain relief. In addition some of the blisters can also be healed by these remedies.


The burn blisters on tongue are short term and can be treated immediately in most cases as compared to the blisters caused by other conditions which usually take a longer time.

Remedies for Burn Blisters on Tongue

A natural reaction to burning your tongue, by eating or drinking something too hot for the mouth, is to instantly spit out whatever has caused the blister. However, sometimes it may not be easy due to social reasons to spit it out, but you should still do it instead of swallowing it otherwise you will cause more widespread burns that may include your throat and esophagus.

After spitting out the food or drink that caused the burn, you should drink cold water immediately. This will not only cool off the burnt area but also will remove any leftovers hot food still in your mouth after spitting.

You can then place ice cubes on the tongue. This will numb the area. After cooling your mouth do salt water gargling to avoid any infections as a result of the burn. Do it 2-3 times a day.

Other Remedies

Whatever has caused blisters on your tongue, do not pop or drain them. These blisters are protecting other nearby cells from getting infected. Popping also slows down the healing process. They will pot itself when healed.

Use the following ingredients fro your kitchen to heal tongue blisters and relieve your pain.

1. Water

Drink a lot of water during the day. You can keep a filled water bottle with you to ensure that you do not forget. Drinking water make you fully hydrated. This in turn will also reduce the formation of new blisters as well as help the existing blisters to heal fast.

Drink a glass of water every hour.

In addition gargling should also become a daily habit at least for the duration of the blisters on the tongue. While immediate gargling helps in the bun blisters on the tongue, regular gargling every day will help healing all kinds of blisters.

2. Eat and Drink Cold Items

Eating cold items will be soothing to the tongue. Any hot item will irritate the tongue and cause more pain.

Cold and liquid diets are the best eating solutions for you if your tongue has blisters. Ice creams, juices, shakes and smoothies are good options.

Add ice cold carrots, avocado and orange juices in you daily diet. These will also help you to balance your nutrients intake.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is antibacterial and it heals blisters. You can mix equal quantity of water and hydrogen peroxide and use it directly on the sores.

Clean your mouth with water swish.

  • add one teaspoon of water to a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide
  • mix it well
  • apply the mix with cotton balls directly on the blisters on the tongue

4. Clove Oil

Clove oil has a pain killer component called eugenol which dentists around the world are using for pain relief dental care.

Clove oil also is powerful pain reliever for blisters and sores on the tongue. It is very strong so you will have to use it with a carrier such as olive oil.

Swish your mouth with warm salt water to clean your mouth including tongue.

  • take half a teaspoon of olive oil
  • add 4-5 drops of clove oil
  • mix it well
  • apply it with cotton balls on your tongue blisters

5. Honey

Honey is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Always use raw local honey for most effective treatment. Honey makes a very soothing coating on the tongue.

  • Swish your mouth with salt water or plain water
  • apply a thick coating of raw honey by dabbing with fingers
  • do it 2-3 times a day.

Obviously you will have to do it during the times when you are not expected to eat or talk.

In addition to these remedies, you also have to avoid a few things. Stop eating hot and spicy food. Keep your digestion good by eating things that you have learned by years of experience are good.

Do not be in a hurry to get relief by trying to mechanically popping out the blisters on your tongue. It may give you an instant relief but healing will be slowed down

If the tongue blisters are because of any underlying condition, then do everything under doctors supervision. You may require medication in addition to these remedies.