Licorice for Fever Blisters

How to Get Rid of Fever Blisters

Fever blisters can easily be misunderstood as canker sores. The biggest difference is that the canker sores are mouth ulcers, whereas fever blisters or cold sores generally appear on lips, cheeks, chin and nostrils which are all frontal visible parts of your personality.

Fever blisters are painful and embarrassing as they will appear with tingling and burning sensation in addition to inflammation and swelling. They are are caused by herpes simplex virus type-1(HSV-1).

You can soothe and heal fever blisters with home remedies. They can be made dormant, but there is unfortunately no real complete cure for these blisters. You never have the next outbreak of fever blisters in your entire life, but remember that the virus is dormant and can lead to an outbreak whenever your immunity is low.


If you are in close contact with someone with fever blisters through kissing or hugging, or you share a towel or other item with the impacted person then you can get fever blisters.It can easily spread through the cuts and bruises.

Fever blisters are red blisters filled with fluid. It may give you headache and fever.

Home Remedies for Fever Blisters

There are a variety of home remedies that can help you to reduce your pain and other symptoms as well as heel the blisters fast. These remedies are additional measures already covered in cold sore remedies.

Ice is one of the most prominent of these remedies as it gives immediate relief. Gently rub ice on your fever blisters for about 5-10 minutes. Do it 2-3 times a day.

1. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a very good remedy for fever blisters.

  • Soak a cotton ball in with hazel
  • Apply it on fever blisters

2. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is another powerful remedy to get rid of fever blisters and get good relief. Apply peppermint oil on the blisters with the help of q-tip or cotton balls.

3. Plum Juice

If the fever blisters are inside your mouth then plum juice will do a great job of pain relief and fast healing. Gargle and rinse your mouth with plum juice.

4. Licorice

Apply licorice powder on the blisters. It will reduce itching and heal the fever blisters fast.

5. Grapefruit Seed

Grapefruit seed extract is a very effective and fast healing remedy for fever blisters. You can use Aloe Vera Gel as a carrier.

  • Add a 2-3 drops of grapefruit extract to a pinch of Aloe Vera gel
  • Mix it well and apply

Aloe Vera gel alone is also useful if you don't have access to grapefruit seed extract.

6. Onions

Applying onion juice to fever blisters will help to heal fast. Cut onion in slices and rub it on your fever blisters. It may give you a feeling of sting but soon you will get relief.

7. Toothpaste

Fever blisters on lips can be healed with toothpaste. Apply toothpaste on the blisters on the lips. Keep it there for sometime and wash it. Do it 3-4 times a day for speedier recovery.