Blood blister on finger

How to Get Rid of Blood Blisters

Most blood blisters heal on their own. These blisters are usually caused by intense squeezing pressure on your skin such as pinching by sudden trap of skin between two objects. 

The skin doesn't get sheared but the shearing action produces a blood clot in the outer layer of skin. Usually your feet and hands are most vulnerable to get blood blisters, although other places in the body do get blisters.

Blisters are formed in the shape of tiny red , purple or brown color bumps on the skin. They are painful and the degree of pain depends on the size and severity of the blister.

You can get rid of the blood blister pain with the help of home remedies. Some of these remedies will also help to avoid infections.

First Aid for Blood Blisters


As soon as you know that your skin has been pinched with force and blood blister begins to appear, apply ice. You can wrap the area with ice. This very cold condition around the affected area will constrict the nearby tiny blood vessels resulting in stoppage of internal bleeding. This will reduce swelling and keep the blister size small.

If the ice pack is not immediately available for wrapping the area, then apply ice cubes directly on the blister. Keep it pressed for some time and then remove it to reduce the pressure apply again until the internal bleeding stops. Make sure that the blister has turned hard. This is an indication that the internal bleeding has stopped.

If the ice is not available press the area with any cold surface. Take out any container from the refrigerator and squeeze your blister on the outer surface of the container. The objective is to stop the internal bleeding and any cold compress will achieve that objective, though Ice does the job best.

it is very likely that when you got the blister , ice or any cold surface is not available, then you can use other remedies for blister pain reduction. Some of them are listed below.

These items can be applied immediately. You should continue to use them periodically until the blood blister is completely healed.

1. Cucumber for Skin Repair

Apply a thick slice of cucumber on the blood blister for some time. A cold cucumber taken from the frig and applied will produce better results. The trace metal silica in cucumber is helpful in connecting skin tissues. A regular use of cucumber on the blood blister will ensure that the skin gets back to its original shape once the blister is healed.


Apply thick cold cucumber slices 3-4 times a day on blood blister until the blister disappears.

2. Aloe Vera

Use of Aloe Vera will provide double benefits. With its anti inflammatory capabilities it will reduce the pain caused by the blood blisters, and it will provide cooling effect to reduce swelling.

Apply fresh Aloe Vera gel 3-4 times a day.

3. Sandalwood and Yogurt Paste

Sandalwood provides a cooling effect on the skin. It will absorb the heat from the blood blister and provide you with pain relief. Mix Sandalwood powder in a pinch of yogurt to make a smooth paste. The actual quantity judgement should be made based on the size of the blood blister. Apply the sandalwood yogurt mix on the blister 3-4 times a day.

It is some time smart to pop the blood blister with a sterile implement, particularly if the blood blister is large size. Ensure that the liquid ( blood) come out but the skin top remain in place. Just keep the area sterile so that it doesn't get infected. The blister will heal on its own and the dead skin will peel off. If you can't get a doctor to do it.