White coating on tongue

Home Remedies for White Coating on Tongue

Coated tongue is generally not a serious condition. In most case you can remove the white quoting with tongue scraper. If the white quoting on the tongue persists for more than two weeks, then you may have a bacterial or fungal infection that should be treated.

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of white quoting on the tongue. You can get rid of it by drinking lots of water throughout the day. There are many other natural home remedies that can help to remove thick white quoting on the tongue.

Home Remedies for a White-Coated Tongue

A normal healthy tongue is pink in covered with small nodules called papillae. Occasionally the tongue is covered by a white coating that not only spoil the appearCe of the tongue but also it leads to bad breath or a bitter taste in the mouth.

The main cause of the tongue turning white is that food debris, bacteria and dead cells get lodged between the inflamed papillae due to dehydration, smoking or fever. Improper hygiene or eating sugary foods and diabetes can also form white coating on the tongue.

Generally white tongue is temporary and harmless. It may disappear on its own or atleast when you use the tongue scraper in the morning.

In addition you can use the following home remedies to clear your wbite coated tongue.

1. OIl pulling

2. Probiotics

3. Salt

4. Baking Soda

5. Aloe Vera

There are other conditions which may lead to white coating on yor tongue but they will require medical intervention as they are more serious.