essential oils for tinnitus

7 Essential Oils for Tinnitus

Essential oils on Their Own or in Combination Effectively Remove the Symptoms of Tinnitus. Tinnitus creates a perception of noise in your ears and is most commonly known as ringing in the ears.

It is generally related to the circulatory system disorder and age-related hearing loss. It is not a serious problem but with the age the noise increases causing irritation and discomfort. Many Essential oils can help to remove the symptoms of tinnitus.

Essential oils are extracts of seeds, barks, stems, fruits, flowers and other parts of different plants. They are the essence of the plants possessing aromatic qualities. These are not usually oily and sticky substances but they are actually thin and volatile products.

Direct application of essential oil can burn or damage the skin as they are potent and concentrated. You should always use them diluted in carrier oils such as almond, apricot kernel, olive, jojoba or coconut oils.


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How Essential Oils Work on Ringing in Your Ears

It is almost impossible to identify the real cause of tinnitus in most cases. Ringing in your ears is a symptom of some underlying neurological or other problem. If the problem is identified and fixed then ringing will completely stop. That rarely happens as the cause of the problem in most cases remains unknown.

Therefore, the next best solution is to control the noise in the ears. Essential oils have shown good results in preventing ringing in ears or at least reducing the inconveniences caused by tinnitus. They work on stimulating circulation, contracting muscles, soothing skin and provide neurological stimuluses. Different essential oils have different potencies for one or more of these properties. Therefore try different essential oils to see what suits your case. This is important because the underlying cause of tinnitus is generally not known.

Which Essential OIls to Use?

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The following essential oils have been found to be useful in dealing with symptoms of tinnitus. Always use them with one or more of the carrier oils to stop ringing in your ears.

You can also use a combination of essential oil in one or more carrier carrier oils. Experiment and see what works well in your case. All of them should do a good job but some of them may be more suitable for you then the others.

1. Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress oil stimulates blood circulation and calms the nervous system. Therefore, its usefulness to treat tinnitus increases. It gives you instant relief from ringing in ears.

2. Green Basil Essential Oil

Green basil oil essential oil is an antispasmodic helping muscles to relax. When muscle cells in the ears are relaxed the ringing sensation also stops. The green basil oil is slowly gaining popularity to treat many skin and muscle problems.

3. Helichrysum Essential Oil

This is one of the most powerful oils widely used in tinnitus. Its capabilities to repair blood vessels and nerves and to reduce inflammation are the main reasons for it to be very effective in tinnitus symptom relief.


4. Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Juniper berry essential oil is commonly used for sore throat and respiratory infections, muscle aches, and fatigue.It detoxing impact helps better circulation to relieve you from those nasty noises and ringing in the ears.

5. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular oils which reduces anxiety and emotional stress, improves sleep, alleviates headaches, slows aging and improves cell repairs.

All these capabilities help to remove the symptoms of tinnitus.

6. Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli essential oil comes from a species of plant from the labiatae family that include lavender, mint and sage. Its chemical composition includes patchouli alcohol, alpha patchoulene, beta patchoulene, alpha bulnesene, alpha guaiene, caryophyllene, norpatchoulenol, pogostol and seychellene. It is widely used in many skin care products. Its cell-rejuvenating properties help in stopping ringing in ears as well as other anti-aging benefits.

7. Petitgrain Essential Oil

This is an antispasmodic, so it promotes muscle contraction in and around the ears to give tinnitus relief. Made from leaves of bitter orange tree this aromatic essential oil acts as a sedative, relaxant, tranquilizer and cardiac tonic helping in both emotional and physical ways.

Precautions with Essential Oils

  • Do not use any essential oil directly on your skin or ear
  • Always use essential oils with a carrier oil for better effect
  • Each case of tinnitus has different underlying cause so different essential oil will produce different results
  • Experiment with different essential oils to arrive at the most suited in your case
  • Make sure that your eardrum is not affected by any oil be it essential oil or the carrier oil
  • Exercises, yoga and meditation also work well as they improve blood circulation

Most people begin to ignore tinnitus and surprisingly that itself gives them enough relief. Do not focus on the ringing of the ears but stay focused on everything possible that can stop it.