Ear Ringing

Ear Ringing High Blood Pressure Remedies

If your ears are ringing and you are worried that it is because of high blood pressure. Then, you may be right, particularly, if you already have hypertension.

Though both conditions are closely related, ear ringing can be caused by many other reasons.

Ear ringing is known as Tinnitus. People hear different types of sounds in their ears which may last for a few minutes to much longer. Some hear ringing and the other a pulsating sound. If the sound in the ears is pulsating and its rhythm is similar to the heartbeats then it is most likely due to High blood pressure.

Is High Blood Pressure and Ear Ringing a Dangerous Combination?


Yes- most certainly! It should be immediately addressed. The dangers range from paralysis to death due to brain damage. This doesn't mean you need to panic. What is required is to get yourself treated. Make lifestyle changes and improve your dietary habits.

The presence of High Cholesterol and high triglycerides in the bloodstream for longer periods tends to clog or harden arteries. To meet the blood supply requirements of the heart these arteries have to push the blood harder. That increases blood pressure.

When the arteries near the ear drum harden, the pressure of the blood causes a pulsating sensation which can be heard in the ears as ear ringing.

You need to immediately consult your doctor and take the prescribed medication without trying to solve your problems through home remedies. If your high blood pressure has reached the limits, where it is causing ear ringing, then you have already crossed the limits of being treated through home remedies alone.

Immediate lifestyle changes are a must. Become more active, if you are already active. if you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, then start exercising slowly as recommended by your doctor.

The biggest benefit will come from a combination of exercise and a change in the diet. Replace fast foods with fruits and vegetables. red meats with agricultural proteins like pulses and seeds.

These changes will soon be reflected in your ear ringing stopping due to a reduction in blood pressure.

Other Causes of Ear Ringing

Ear ringing may be caused by many other reasons. Everyone gets ear ringing once in a while due to smaller reasons like cough and cold to damage in year drums or bigger issues like tumor growth near ears.


Whatever may be the cause, ear ringing is an alarm that should not be ignored. Whether it is high blood pressure or any other reason you must treat it.

Home Remedies for Ear Ringing

If you can tame your high blood pressure, which you must anyway, then you can get rid of ear ringing. High blood pressure can be treated with home remedies, lifestyle changes, and prescription drugs.

But if your ringing in the ears is not due to high blood pressure then you have to rule out other serious conditions, such as tumors, head injuries, thyroid problems, etc.

Once you find out that the ear ringing (Tinnitus)is not due to high blood pressure or any other serious underlying condition, then you can go for home remedies for tinnitus and learn to get rid of that annoying noise in your ears.