Pilonidal cyst

Self Care at Home for Pilonidal Cyst and Some Lifestyle Changes

A complicated cyst may require surgery, but if you take early actions by using home remedies then you can get rid of pilonidal cyst with ease. Pilonidal cyst generally occurs at the top of the cleft of the buttocks. It is an abnormal pocket in the skin that usually contains hair and dead skin.

What is Pilonidal Cyst

Young adult men in their 20s are prone to get pilonidal cyst mostly in the area near the tailbone just above the butt.

When skin rubs against the skin due to friction and pressure, tight clothing, sitting in a position for long periods of time or any other similar reasons, the hairs penetrate the skin ingrown hair), The body treats these ingrown hair as foreign substances and creates defense system in the form of a cyst called pilonidal cyst.

Causes of Pilonidal Cyst

The exact cause of pilonidal cyst is not clear as yet to the medical science. It appears that the hairs penetrate the skin to cause pilonidal cyst.


It is rare but some people who are in the profession where their fingers constantly rub against each other develop pilonidal cyst on the skin between their fingers. Barbers and dog groomers are such people under high risk of developing the cyst on their fingers.

So, if you are young obese male with excess hair on the body leading an inactive lifestyle and sitting in one place for longer hours, you are most likely to get pilonidal cyst.

Usually pilonidal cyst is painful but harmless. However it may get infected and if not treated properly then it increases risk if developing squamous cell carcinoma - a kind of skin cancer.


In the initial stages when the hair penetrates the skin, it doesn't show any symptoms except may be itching. However when the pilonidal cyst is infected, the cyst becomes abscess making the area red and painful. There will be drainage of pus or blood from the affected area causing foul smell.

Once treated and removed pilonidal cyst may recur if prevailing conditions of skin rubbing the skin for prolonged periods continues.

Sel Care for Pilonidal Cyst

You may require medical attention or even surgery in a completed case, but in most cases simple home remedies can suffice for Pilonidal Cyst to reduce symptoms and cure it. You can use the following home remedies for pilonidal cyst

1. Keep the Area Clean

If you keep the pilonidal cyst prone area around your butt by regularly cleaning it of all the dead skin, other impurities and infections then you will reduce the risk of developing the cyst.

Clean the area with mild soap twice daily. Do not use harsh soaps that may cause inflammation. If already had pilonidal cyst and cured then by keeping the area clean will certainly stop any recurrence.

2. Keep the Area Dry

Cleaning alone may not be enough. You will have to keep the area dry.

Just keep the area dry by dabbing it with a clean towel every time. Do not apply any cream or powder that may irritate the skin.

3. Improve Your Immunity

If you already have got the pilonidal cyst then it is very important to reduce the symptoms by taking proper care to ensure that the condition doesn't worsens and symptoms are controlled to reduce pain and discomfort

Boosting your Immunity can really help a lot in this case. Make sure that your diet is healthy.

Add garlic, turmeric, ginger and other antibiotic and anti-inflammatory herbs and honey in your daily diet.

4. Remove Hair from The Pilonidal Cyst Prone Area

In order to treat pilonidal cyst at home you need to ensure proper personal hygiene. All the above suggestions were to maintain personal hygiene.

In addition, regularly remove Hair from the tailbone area of your body. If there is no hair then there is no cyst formation. You are removing the root cause of pilonidal cyst.

5. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one of the best remedies to prevent infection to pilonidal cyst.

You must lead an active life. Don't sit in a position for a long time and regularly exercise. This will help improve blood circulation and muscle activities. Increase blood circulation in the cyst prone area will reduce infection possibilities. So get off your butt and do some exercise.