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Home Remedies for Gray Hair - Reversing Premature Graying Naturally

If home remedies for premature graying of hair work then why would you or anyone else use hair dye? Well, some may still use the hair color to give a different look to their hair. But currently, most people who dye their hair are the ones who want to hide the gray hair on their scalp.

Everyone wants to look younger than their age and hair plays a very important role in your looks. Any hair fall or premature graying of hair can be a nightmare for most people.

So, before we look into some effective home remedies for Gray Hair. Let us look at the cause of gray hair.

What Causes Gray Hair?

The most obvious cause of gray hair used to be age a couple of decades ago. However, age is not the most common cause these days, as lots of people are getting premature whitening of hair or graying of hair due to other causes.


Premature graying of hair used to be most prevalent in the middle age people, but now even the people in their 20's are getting affected by this. Your overall health, age, genetic disposition, lifestyle and certain diseases in isolation or combinations can cause premature graying of hair.

It is believed that the original color of hair is white. Melanin production in the body that provides your skin color also enters hair follicles to give distinct colors to your hair depending on your race and genes.

Over a period of time hydrogen peroxide is formed on the skin near hair follicles due to various reasons. Hydrogen peroxide acts as bleaching agent causing the hair to loose its color by gradually becoming gray and finally turning to white.

Malnutrition, anemia, thyroid and sugar conditions, lack of Vitamin B12 are some of the main causes of graying of hair.

Hormonal imbalances and vitiligo can also make your hair gray. Stress to some extent accelerates the process of graying of hair.

Home Remedies to Stop Gray Hair

1. Massage Your Hair with Oil

Oil massage of scalp increases blood circulation to the hair follicles. Massage your scalp with coconut oil. Mix onion juice to coconut oil for massaging to stop hair loss along with stopping premature graying of your hair.

You can massage 2-3 times a week if you can otherwise once a week of massage should also be good.

Oil massage also brings the lost shine to your hair. It is an excellent home remedy for dry hair as well as for stopping fall and graying of hair.

2. Eat Healthy Diet

Malnutrition is one of the command causes of premature graying of hair. Food rich in Vitamin B12, Folic acid and Omega3 fatty acids will be very helpful in restoring your original hair color and stop premature graying of hair.

Eat fish like salmon, mackerel sardines and tuna which will improve strength of hair. These fishes will also give you Vitamin B12. Other sources of Vitamin B12 are meat, eggs and milk products.

You will get folic acid from green leafy vegetables.

Eat healthy, stop eating junk food and carbonated drinks and sodas.

3. Reduce Stress

Stress accelerates graying of hair. Learn how to reduce stress. It requires lifestyle changes so commitment and dedication will be necessary.

Do deep breathing as and when you can do in the office and at home. Slow deep breathing improves blood circulation and relaxes you. You can do deep breathing for 5 minutes every couple of hours.

4. Mustard oil and Henna

This will help you to regain the color naturally. It will not stop graying your hair. It is a much safer way to color your hair than using harmful chemical based hair dye.

Add 50grams of henna leaves to 200 grams of mustard oil in a heating bowl and heat it until the mustard oil books and gets burned with the henna leaves. Apply the mix on your hair.

5. Onion Juice

Onion juice is a very powerful home remedy for all kinds of hair problems ranging from hair loss to graying of hair.

We have already covered it above with coconut oil massage once or twice a week. But you can apply Onion juice 30 minutes before going to take the shower every day.

Thus will make your hair strong and stop graying.