Watermelon for blood circulation

How to Improve Blood Circulation

You can improve your blood circulation in a number of different ways. Changing lifestyle and eating habits go a long way in not only increasing blood circulation as well as in improving overall quality of life.

Food and exercise play a vital role in establishing a healthy or unhealthy profile. Eating wrong food can create all sorts of health problems but eating right food will improve circulation to keep you healthy.

We will cover both the exercises and food to give a boost to your overall health by better blood circulation.

Exercises to Improve Blood Circulation

Two habits are responsible for bad circulation. One is sedentary lifestyle - sitting in front of computer all the time or watching TV whenever time permits. Another one is overeating. A combined effect of both these habits has a significant negative impact on overall health.


Let us understand why you can not improve circulation without exercise. When heart pumps the blood to the body it pushes it forward. Now the heart has to get the supply of blood back from the body. The blood from the lower part of your body has to work against gravity to move up to the heart.

When we walk the active muscles in the leg helps to squeeze the blood in the veins to move up.

If you sit continuously for longer hours, then your leg muscles are not active as well as the pressure of your body on the chair further restricts the blood to flow up.

If you can manage to do a 45 minutes brisk walk daily and never sit on a chair for more than 30 minute at a stretch then you will not have blood circulation problems.

If you can go for a swim or play any sport daily that gives your leg exercise, then you will be better off in terms of blood circulation.

Food to Increase Blood Circulation

1. Cayenne Pepper

It improves metabolic rate and strengthen the blood vessels. You can add fresh or dried pepper in your daily diet.


2. Orange

Orange contain Vitamin C which is a natural blood thinner. It also strengthens the walls of arteries to prevent plaque. Eat oranges daily.

3. Ginger

Eat raw or cooked ginger. Make ginger tea and drink. Ginger not only improves blood circulation but also helps you in nausea and vomiting.

4. Garlic

Garlic cleans the blood and stop making plaque that clogs the arteries. Add it to your daily diet. You can also swallow a small garlic clove daily in the morning to improve blood circulation

5. Watermelon

Lycopene is a natural antioxidant in watermelon helps to improve blood circulation.

There are many other foods that have vitamin C and lycopene and omega3. Then add to your daily diet and become healthy.