Cloves for denture pain

Home Remedies for Denture Pain

If you are a first time wearer of denture then these home remedies will relieve your denture pain. If you are a regular user of dentures, then perhaps you have already learned some lessons on proper usage of denture. You will get a much clearer perspective on how to get relief from denture pain.

You may lose your teeth due to gum disease, trauma or any other cause. Dentures are one of the several options to replace the lost teeth. Bridges and implants are the other options, but the difference is that dentures can be worn as and when you want to wear them and remove them. Dentures are also called false teeth.

Today's denture technology is far superior than your grandparents time. Dentures now are more natural looking and comfortable than they were in the past.

Many people wear dentures only at the time of eating. This way they do not suffer denture pain as much as those who wear it throughout the day. It is also not advisable to wear dentures during the night.

Denture pain can be caused by a number of reasons. Most common causes of denture pain are ill-fitted dentures, low quality dentures and infections in the mouth.

Whatever is the cause there are suitable home remedies to take care of denture pain of all kinds.


Since the causes and extent of denture pain in new wearer are generally different than for the regular wearer, the precautions and remedies will also differ. In addition you need to also understand that a partial denture will behave differently than the full denture in the mouth, therefore the challenges to tackle the pain will also be slightly different. L

Getting rid of denture pain in most cases is more about the precautions and proper use of the dentures than about treatment.

Denture Pain Relief for New Wearer

The first and the most important thing about wearing dentures is that you keep your mouth clean and healthy.

If you don't keep your mouth in good health then the dentures can cause irritation, infections and difficulties in eating and speaking.

Ensure that the Dentures Fit Well- If you are a first time wearer then make sure that your dentures fit well. Any difficulties should be discussed with your dentist and rectified.

Eat soft food - Soft food will help you to get used to of the new dentures without any painful encounters. Eggs, yogurt and other soft foods will really help in the initial stages. Also, make sure that you take small bites and chew the food slowly from both sides of your mouth so that the dentures remain in place and don't move forward. Avoid eating any hard or sticky foods.

Speak Slowly - your dentures may shift slightly by laughing and speaking loudly. Practice slow speaking and gradually raising the voice. Don't shout. Adjust your dentures if you move while speaking.

There are safe adhesive available that can keep your dentures in place. Use these adhesive on well fit dentures. Do not try to use adhesive to fix the bad fitting of the dentures., Get the dentures change instead. Otherwise you will have denture pain leading to injury and infections.

Denture Pain Relief for Regular Denture User

If you are a regular user of dentures then you already know that denture pain can occasionally bother you. Occassionally you will get gum swelling.

The following denture cares and home remedies given in the next sections will help you to relieve pain.

It is important for you to understand that the dentures with prolonged use will cause the gums to change shape. Therefore you may need new dentures so every year you should go for Dental check up and let your dentist decide when you should get a new set of dentures.

Home Remedies for Denture Pain Relief

There will be friction, wear and tear between your dentures and your gums as you use your dentures on and off regularly for days, weeks, months and years. Occasionally you may get inflammations and infections in-spite of all care. The following home remedies will help you to reduce pain and kill infections.

1.Massage Your Gums

If your gums are swollen due to denture pain, then gently massaging the gums will relieve the swelling and pain.

You can use any oil such as coconut oil or olive oil. Massaging promotes blood circulation reducing swelling and pain.

2. Gargle with Salt Water

It is a good habit to gargle twice daily with salt water irrespective of whether you use dentures or not.

Since your dentures are separately cleaned outside your mouth, gargling with salt water is even more effective for your gums which do not have any teeth to complicate things.

Gargle every time you remove your dentures.

3. Clove

The active ingredient in clove is Eugenol which possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It acts as a pain reliever. Any gum pain caused by dentures can be relieved with clove oil or clove powder.

You can directly apply a few drops of Clove oil on the gum or make a powder of clove and mix it in the olive oil for gum allocation to relieve denture pain.

4. Figs

Fresh figs are great dentures pain relievers. They may not be available everywhere and in every season, but if you have access to fresh figs then do use it.

Cut a fig in two parts and keep one piece on each side of your mouth between the inner cheek and the gum with the cut size facing and touching the gum. You will have to keep yourself busy by watching TV, working on the computer etc to ensure that you don't get irritated by keeping the figs in the mouth.

This will quickly reduce your denture pain. Needless to mention that this and all other remedies are used after removing the dentures from the mouth.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric has curcumin that antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce pain. If you dentures have caused gum pain you can apply turmeric on the gum.

Take a pinch of turmeric and add a few drops of water to make a thick paste. Apply it on the gums and gently massage it. Allow it sit for 5-10 minutes then rinse you mouth with warm water followed by salt water gargling.

Denture Care to Avoid Pain

You need to understand that the dentures are external equipment inserted to your body to do a body function in the absence of real original teeth. You need to take extra care of your dentures.

Clean Your Dentures Daily - it is absolutely important to keep your dentures in hygienic condition as they have to be kept in your mouth. You simply can't afford to compromise on hygiene.

  • Keep them overnight in a cleaning solution
  • Wash and clean in the morning before wearing it
  • If you use your dentures only for eating then always keep then in the dentures fresh cleaning solution when they are not in use and clean it thoroughly before wearing them everytime.
  • Use soft toothbrushes everyone you clean the dentures

With properly fitted dentures, regular checkup and proper care of the dentures you can lead a pain free life.