Clove for wisdom tooth

Home Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain

Everyone doesn't get wisdom teeth, but those who get them know the pain it can have when they erupt. Usually you get these wisdom teeth between the ages of 17-24.

Since we mostly eat cooked food, the need for wisdom teeth that were supposed to help eating nuts leaves and raw meat is gradually reducing. As a part of evolution many of us do not get wisdom teeth at all. Others may get one or two but not all four.

As a result of our current eating habits our jaws are also becoming smaller, therefore accommodating a wisdom tooth in the mouth is becoming painful.

Since wisdom teeth are the last to come, they have less room to accommodate, and as a result they may grow in awkward conditions such as grow at an angle under the gum. This may result in pain, swelling of the gum and bad breath. The pain can be unbearable, some home remedies can reduce the wisdom tooth pain but your final relief will come from extracting the tooth.


Some wise people and many who are studying dentistry usually get their wisdom teeth extracted before they even fully grown before the age of 24.

Until you get your wisdom teeth extracted use the following home remedies to stop pain and feel relief.

1. Salt Water Rinse

The easiest method to get rid of your wisdom tooth pain is to gargle with salt water. Salt water also removes bacteria and reduces bad breath.

  • add a tablespoon of salt in a glass of boiling water
  • let it dissolve and cool to warmer temperatures
  • swish salt water in your mouth to rinse it
  • do it for 2-3 minutes

You will feel immediate relief.

2. Ice Pack

Ice numbs the pain area, so you don't feel the pain any more. Wrap a few ice cubes in a thin cotton towel or any other cotton cloth. Place it on the cheek on the hurting side of the wisdom tooth. A 10-15 minutes of application can reduce the pain.

You can use this method as many times as you like during the day to reduce the wisdom tooth pain.

3. Clove

Clove and clove oil are the oldest home remedy for most of the dental problems. It is used around the world by different cultures and societies for centuries. You simply can't beat the popularity of this remedy.

  • place a clove on your painful wisdom tooth and keep it pressed with the tooth on the opposite side jaw
  • do not chew it. Just let it be there until you pain is gone.
  • do it as and when you get pain throughout the day.

You can also use clove oil instead. You will have to ru clove oil on the painful wisdom tooth and the surrounding gum

4. Onions

Onions are a great home remedies for wisdom tooth pain. It is also one of the most difficult one if you don't like onions. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth and you feel that you have come out of one problem and got into another problem. The trade off may not be acceptable to you.

  • cut a small onion into two and keep one part between you ceek and the hurting wisdom tooth.
  • hold it there for about 10-15 minutes
  • take occasional bites into the onion to get the juice on the wisdom tooth

It will relieve pain.

5. Tea Tree Oil

This is a wonder oil for lots of health problems. It stops wisdom tooth pain. Rub a few drops of tea tree oil on the painful wisdom tooth and surrounding gum.

Whatever you use to stop wisdom tooth pain, your ultimate relief ill come from the extraction of the wisdom tooth. Meet your dentist and get it extracted. It has no use in our body.