A basket of red chilies

Red Chili Peppers to Prevent Heart Disease

Did you ever imagine that the red hot Chili pepper can save your life from heart attack and other heart diseases? Tons of research in the last few decades have suggested that red chilies and other peppers are very good for preventing heart diseases.

Eating a raw hot red chili pepper is a challenge for everyone, even if you love hot and spicy food. The most active compound in chili capsaicinoids has no colour or odor but they impact the pain receptors in the mouth. The teary eyes, runny nose and sweating experienced after buying into chili pepper comes from capsaicinoids.

How does Red Chili Pepper Stop Heart Disease?

chilies for heart disease infographic

Red Chili Peppers are more nutritious than their green counterparts. They are an excellent source of antioxidants particularly beta carotene and Vitamin C.
Chilies also contain flavonoids called capsaicinoids. Capsaicin is the one that helps tame heart diseases.

Researchers have found that capsaicin in the chili powder is a versatile compound to deal with heart related problems.

Capsaicin acts as anticoagulant blood thinner, lowers blood pressure, reduces the occurrences of dangerous heart rhythm disturbances, lowers bad cholesterol LDL and improves the blood flow to the heart.

This shows that red chili pepper is an All-in-One solution for heart diseases.

Since it changes the blood and improves the blood circulation strokes and heart attacks are prevented. That is how Chili pepper increases your life expectancy.

How to Use Chile Pepper for Maximum Heart Benefits


There are so many different varieties of chili pepper available which one to use?

Call red colour Chillies contain capsaicinoids but in varying concentration. Smaller the size more the capsaicin content. As a rule of thumb red thin and about 2 inches long chili has the highest amount of capsaicin.

To get the most out of the Chili Peppers buy fresh thin small Chili pepper with wizard red colour. It should be fun and glossy. One touch Chili a day will keep your very healthy.

Keep them in paper bags and do not use plastic bags to maintain quality.

You can consume the Chili in the following different ways to get the best heart healthy results.

1. Eat Chili Raw

This is the best way to eat Chili for best health benefits, but it perhaps is the most difficult way also.

The Vitamin C gets destroyed in cooking but capsaicin remains intact. so if you are using it only for getting heart health benefits then you can eat Chili in any formats.

You can wrap one Chili pepper in a sandwich and consume it. You will master the art soon to avoid the touch of red chili pepper on the mouth pain receptors.

2. Make Tea

You can boil one fourth teaspoon chili pepper powder in a cup of water and let it simmer. Once the tea is ready let it cool to palatable temperatures.

Drink it with a straw. It may sting but you will get used to it.

3. Make a Chile Tincture

You can make chili Tincture in alcohol and keep it.

This kind of tincture is very handy particularly if someone gets a heart attack or stroke you can give a few trips as a first aid and save the person from fatality of heart attack.


• Chili pepper powder
• a few fresh chili peppers
• 50% alcohol


Since chili peppers can be harsh on skin, it is better to wear gloves. You can use a one litre glass container to make and store the tincture.

  1. Fill the ¼ glass bottle with chili powder
  2. Add sufficient alcohol to cover the powder
  3. Bend 200 grams fresh red chili peppers in a blender and add alcohol to make sauce like consistency
  4. Add this chili alcohol mix to the bottle.
  5. The rest of the bottle with alcohol and tightly close it.
  6. Shake the bottle well several time during the day.
  7. Let it stay for 30 days
  8. Strain it using gauze and fill it in a dark bottle.
  9. Store it in a dark and dry place.

Your tincture is ready. You can give 5 drops of the tincture to someone who is having a heart attack or stroke as a first aid.

Remember this is first aid only. It is not the medicine. You must call 911 and take the patient to emergency.

Heart attack and strokes are serious life threatening health conditions. Patients must get emergency medical help.

Other Health Benefits of Chili Pepper

Researchers have found many health benefits if this hot and spicy

  • Help in weight loss
  • Protect against cancer
  • Get rid of cold and congestions
  • Protects from stomach ulcers
  • Provides Arthritis and joint pain Relief
  • Give relief from mouth pain caused by chemotherapy
  • Alleviate burning pain of shingles

Contrary to general perception about ulcers, chili is actually very useful in protecting against stomach ulcers.

Tips and Precautions

If you have never taken hot and spicy food then chili pepper can create digestion problems. You then have two choices. Go for some other heart healthy food or gradually develop your system to accept red chili pepper.

Start with eating red bell pepper in your salad. Red bell peppers in other wallpaper also have capsaicin but in a very small quantity. Nevermind this is a good starting point.

Grand you can gradually migrate to the red chilli Buy First starting with a very small portion of red chilli. Put half an inch of red chilli pepper in your sandwiches. Then increase the quantity slowly as your system begins to accept chili pepper without giving you digestion problems.

The Chili Peppers can give you digestive problems initially but once your system begins to accept it then if you had problems like in digestion and heartburn will go away. So, here is another health benefit of red chilli powder.

If your system doesn't accept chili, then just forget about it. Go for other heart healthy food, Chili Pepper is not for you.

Chili peppers can impact hemorrhoids.

Capsaicin is a fat soluble compound, so whenever you feel mouth pain due to consumption of chili, then drink a glass full of fat milk. Drinking a glass of water will not help.