Pomegranate for arteries

How to Reverse Clogged Arteries

The plaque that clog your arteries can be removed, and the heart condition can be reversed by removing the factors that actually were responsible for clogging your arteries.

This may sound simple, and many researchers around the globe have proved that it is as simple as it sounds. Then why most people are still living and dying with clogged arteries and other heart diseases?

It is because it takes time and most people do not have patience and commitment to stick to the process which will clean up your arteries.

It is common sense to remove the causes that block the arteries and adapt processes that clean the arteries.

Type of food you eat and the quality of activities you do, makes your arteries to clog or keep them healthy. Decide to live a healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy food and doing regular physical activities. Dr Dean Ornish and many other cardiologists have done research spanning more than 4 decades to prove and recommend a healthy lifestyle to reverse heart disease.


The results will be felt within a month of starting to follow a healthy lifestyle. Here is what you need to reverse the damage. if you are already healthy then use the same regime to remain healthy.

1. Cut Fat from Your Diet

Fat is essential for healthy living, but excess fat will clog your arteries and create many other organ damaging activities including liver failure.

Curtail your fat content. Check your progress with regular blood tests. if you have high cholesterol and high blood pressure then your arteries are hardening. These indicators are warning signs to take action.

2. Engage in Regular Low Impact Exercises

Walking for 40 minutes daily is the simplest low impact exercise you can do. Do it. Cycling, jogging and swimming are all great ways to engage yourself in physical activities that keep your heart healthy.

Do not sit on your chair for long periods. Get up from the chair every 30 minutes. Move around for a couple of minutes and resume your table job by getting back on your chair.

Once you have made walking as your regular routine, go to the next level. Add Aerobic exercises in to your routine. Climbing stairs, dancing and running are great aerobic exercises.

3. Reduce Stress

Everyone is stressed. A positive stress is healthy but negative stress which leads to anxiety and fear are dangerous to your heart health.

Add yoga and meditation to your daily life. Learn it from experts. Any other relaxation technique is fine. The objective is to reduce stress. Playing indoor or games can be stress relieving.

Do everything that relieves stress.

4. Engage in Social Activities

We are all social animals. Do not isolate yourself from other people. Engage with communities that you find interesting. You need to just enjoy time with other people.

In a recent study of the people who live more than 100 years, one of the most prominent factors that was found that these people live in clusters in different parts of the world and spend substantial time in social activities. These people are not individualistic.

Life can be fun, but we have made it difficult. Get back to basics and begin to enjoy a life that is heart disease free. Just become aware of the damage you are doing to your body and stop to do more harm. Adapt a good lifestyle. It requires time, effort and commitment. Do it.