Water for flu

10 Natural Flu Remedies

If you get the flu, you feel miserable. It takes its own time to go, therefore natural remedies are your best bet to treat flu symptoms. These symptoms are very similar to the common cold with one additional symptoms - fever.

Whether it is a common cold or flu are both caused by viruses. You will have to deal with symptoms such as cough, cold, fatigue and runny nose and sore throat. The fever will confirm that you have flu.Yet, the treatment is no different.

Certain home remedies can give you quick relief from these symptoms. Most prescription antiviral drugs also ease the symptoms, but it is not sure that these drugs do any better job than some of the home remedies.

Whether you take medicine or not, the virus take its own course of 7-10 days to subside in adults and it may take a little longer in the kids. The only advantage of being under medical attention is that you feel more secure psychologically.

Flu is generally a seasonal condition and is contagious. It is spread by the virus infected droplets coughed or sneezed in the air .

Influenza Type A and B are two types of human influenza viruses that cause seasonal flu epidemic every year. Many of us just can't avoid the infection if other people at home or workplace are infected by the flu virus. People with low immunity will catch the infection faster than the others.

10 Home Remedies for Flu

The following 10 natural remedies will give you relief from the symptoms of the flu.

flu remedies infographic

1. Drink Lots of Water to Get Fast Relief from Flu Symptoms

If the mucus membranes remain moist then they will quickly expel the mucus that forms continuously due to flu viral infection. Congestion will be cleared and you will feel relieved. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

It is best to keep an alarm to drink a glass of water every hour during the time you are awake.

Even your dry eyes will regain the moisture and you will regain normalcy otherwise burning sensation due to high fever and dry eyes can linger on.

2. Add Humidifier in Your Bedroom

It will greatly help if you add a humidifier in your bedroom. This will help stop congestion and dry eyes during the night.

3. Salt Water Gargling

Salt water gargling will help in reducing congestion and relief from sore throat. Add one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. You can add a teaspoon of lemon juice to make it even more effective. Stir it well to ensure all salt is mixed well. Gargle to get instant relief. Do it 3 times a day.

4. Inhale Steam


Whether it is common cold or flu, inhaling steam works so well to clear the congestion that no other method can compete with it.

Pour some hot boiling water in large bowl. Put your head about 6-10 inch above the bowel and drape your head with a cotton towel in such a way that it also covers the bowel and trap the steam with the confine of the draped towel. This will help you to inhale steam for longer.

Inhale and exhale for 10-15 minutes continuously. If the steam finishes take a second helping immediately. You will not only get fast relief from nasal congestion but also your sore throat will ease.

5. Steamy Shower

When you take a steamy shower, your breathing inhales steam. That moisturises the mucus and you feel relieved. So Indulge in steamy shower.

6. Chew a Garlic Clove

This is a very powerful remedy. It actually works on the Flu virus so it is not just a symptomatic relief mechanism. Garlic is a natural antiseptic.

It requires a strong to try this remedy for flu. Hold a clove of garlic in your mouth and inhale the fumes that are released through your mouth. Occasionally crush the clove with your teeth to release more fumes. Finally chew the clove.

Let the whole process takes about 15 minutes before the garlic clove disappear from your mouth to finally get into the intestine.

7. Blow Your Nose

Blowing your nose expels mucus from the body. This gives you relief from the congestion. You should blow your nose gently, otherwise the infected mucus may get pushed to the ears and you get ear infections. This is the additional complication you really don't need when you are already feeling miserable with the flu.

The best way is to close one nostril and gently blow the other to expel the mucus. Then do the same to the other nostril. You can do it as often you feel like.

8. Take Rest

The fever and fatigue saps the energy out of you. Take sufficient rest. Rest increases immunity and let the immune system fights the infection effectively. Keep the atmosphere warm to get more relief.

Exerting yourself during the spell of flu is going to delay getting back to normalcy. So, relax.

9. Drink Warm Fluids

Any kind of warm tea or soup helps the mucus to dislodge and get expelled. This gives you relief. So, go for you favorite tea. Even simple warm water will do the same job.

10. Keep You Head High in the Bed

If you have a habit of taking a thin pillow, then change it. Your head must be higher than your body during sleep to ensure that the infected mucus doesn't spread inside due to the gravity. Even if your pillow is thick taking one more pillow will help you to feel more comfortable during the night.

11. Eat Well

When you are sick, you don't feel like eating anything. This is the body's natural response to fight the infections. If you eat heavy the circulation system has to focus on digestion. So give less load to your digestive system.

But, you have to eat well. Nutrients help you to heal fast. Vitamin C and other nutrients from fruits will help you get relief from fatigue and help to recover fast from the flu.

In addition to taking care of yourself from the flu, it is your responsibility that you don't pass it on to others as it is contagious. At least you can try. The best you can do is not to share a confined space with anyone, e.g, don't sit in the car with the windows closed.

This confined space will make everyone else sick with flu if any one of the passengers is already infected with it.