How to Stop Snoring Due to Acid Reflux

Your snoring affects others more than you but your acid reflux bothers you more than others. Both these conditions are embarrassing and inconvenient. In many cases both these conditions are very much related.

No one likes to get their sleep disturbed but your unaware spouse snoring at night does disturb your sleep. The snoring person generally is totally unaware of snoring as well as the inconvenience it causes to others. Acid reflux on the other hand is your own problem that bothers you.

Do Acid Reflux Problems cause Snoring?

snoring acid reflux infographic

The answer is yes. Snoring can be caused by many physical problems ranging from nasal congestion to nasal deformities and by many other skeletal problems. Acid reflux is one of the causes of snoring.


It is very likely that some people have both problems but the reasons for each problem are different. However, it the snoring has began after experiencing chronic acid reflux then it is very likely that snoring was gradually built up due to acid reflux. First find a cure for acid reflux and the snoring may be cured automatically in such cases.

Since acid reflux affects the throat in more than one way and the throat has a role to play in snoring, it is easy to understand the relationship between snoring and acid reflux.

When esophagus gets affected by acid reflux and the food goes up into the food pipe and the throat, the breathing gets affected, hence the snoring.


It may not be easy at night when a person gets both problems simultaneously. The sleep certainly gets disturbed and the general well being deteriorates due to recurring incidences of symptoms of acid reflux and snoring together.

The solution rests in making some lifestyle changes. Eating small portions of food more frequently rather eating large chunks of food items at once helps controlling acid reflux a lot. Weight control helps both snoring and acid reflux even if they are caused by two separate reasons.

The wedge pillow helps in acid reflux and snoring both. The elevated head due to wedge shaped pillow or by raising the head side of the bed helps to naturally keep the stomach contents in the stomach. The gravity doesn’t allow the food contents to go up due to the slant caused by the wedge pillow or elevated head side.

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