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How to Take Care of Your Hair

Most of us do not understand proper Hair Care at the right time. We generally start looking after our hair when we see something wrong. That may be too late but better late than never.


If you begin to take care of your hair when the conditions are good then you can maintain and sustain a good hair and hair growth.

Shampoo or Not to Shampoo for Better Hair Care

There are a lot of confusing advises on hair care. Some experts recommend using shampoo but others suggest not to use shampoo. What is the right advice?

Is sulfate in the shampoo that is the main cause of concern? Sulfates provide the leather in the shampoo that cleans your hair. Scientists believe that the sulfates dry out and weaken your hair.


So the best solution is not to use shampoo with sulfate. The second suggestion is to avoid shampooing your hair daily. And even when you use shampoo, use it in very small quantities. You might wonder what is a small quantity. There is no perfect answer to the small quantity, it all depends on the number of hairs on your head therefore best rule of thumb is to reduce the quantity of shampoo you are using to 1/4 of its current size. If it still gives lather and foam then you should be ok. Rinse the shampoo quickly from your head.

Use Oil or Not to Use Oil to Take Care of Hair

The other confusion in Hair Care is about using oil or not using it. Once again the Common Sense approach will be the best answer. If your scalp is dry then using oil will make more sense.

Oil with added herbs do nourish your scalp and keep your hair healthy. Vitamin E oil such as almond oil as well as virgin coconut oil is a good combination to use on your hair.

Color or Not to Color to Keep Hair Healthy

Though modern hair color products do cause less harm to your hair than their predecessors, hair colors are chemicals which do weaken your hair and overuse can really damage your hair.

Hair color does enhance your looks and the temptation to look fabulous can draw you towards hair color products.

You must continue to read latest research reviews about the hair colors and avoid those hair colors that have more harmful chemicals.

Ammonia causes skin allergies in some cases and it can cause permanent skin damage due to overuse in some rare cases. So if you are sensitive to ammonia use ammonia free hair dye.

Use Conditioner

Whether you use shampoo or not you must use a hair conditioner 2-3 times a week. Hair conditioning keeps your hair nourished and healthy.