How to Get Rid of Protein in Urine

Protein in urine is not a condition to consider lightly. If you detect it early you can save yourself from kidney disease.

The condition is called proteinuria in which your kidney is not able to filter proteins efficiently so some proteins are excreted with urine.

There are no symptoms in the early stages of proteinuria but in advance stages you can see bubbly frothy urine in the toilet.

High blood pressure and diabetes are the main causes. You can get rid of proteins in urine with the same home remedies that are good for hypertension and diabetes type 2.

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What is Proteinuria or How do You Get Protein in Urine)?

Protein in urine (proteinuria) is not a disease itself but is an indication of kidney disease. A protein called albumin increases in the urine.


Main causes of protein in urine are high blood pressure and kidney diseases. So if you have diabetes and high blood pressure both then you are likely to get Proteinuria at some stage when your kidney gets affected.

High blood pressure and diabetes type 2 are generally lifestyle disorders. It is important that both these conditions are kept in check to not only prevent Proteinuria but also many other health conditions.

In addition to these certain medications, infections and trauma can increase proteins in your urine. Some autoimmune conditions can also cause the same harm.



Initially there are no symptoms. When your kidney get damaged and amount of protein significantly increase in your urine, you will notice the following symptoms:

  • Swelling in hands, feet, abdomen or face
  • Bubbly and frothy urine in the toilet

These symptoms require immediate medical attention and you need to take medical help to fix them to reduce further damage as your kidney is already damaged at this stage.

Risk Factors

Following are risk factors that may influence proteins in urine

  • Excess weight and obesity - people with excess weight get many other health problems to. Reduce your weight if you are overweight.
  • Old Age - people above the age of 65 are at higher risk of Proteinuria
  • Genetics - people with family history are at high risk
  • Pregnancy and high blood pressure - this is a temporary condition of proteins in urine during pregnancy with a risk of continuing. Condition is called preeclampsia.

In addition to this your race and ethnicity may increase your probabilities. African Americans and Hispanics are more prone to high blood pressure and kidney diseases as compared to white Americans. Therefore they have higher risks if getting Proteinuria.


Since there are no symptoms you get to know about proteins in urine by accidental urine test.

Increased Albumin levels in the urine is an indication of proteins.

A test called urine albumin to creatinine ratio UACR indicates presence of proteins in urine and a ratio above 30 mg/g indicates presence of kidney disease.


Mild proteinuria generally doesn't require any treatment.

Temporary rise in proteins in urine can be caused by dehydration, stress, strenuous physical activity, fever and exposure to extreme cold. Once these conditions subside the protein levels fall itself.

Chronic high proteins in urine require attention.

Since protein in urine is not a disease by itself , the underlying causes are treated which are responsible for this increase. Hence treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes play a vital role in getting rid of proteins in urine.

If these chronic conditions are not treated then probabilities of kidney failure increase significantly. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure then treat them early. Both these conditions can be treated effectively with home remedies and lifestyle changes.

Home Remedies for Proteinuria (Protein In Urine)

You can naturally reduce protein in your urine with these remedies.

  1. Control Your Blood Sugar
  2. Lower Sodium Intake
  3. Consume More Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  4. Exercise Regularly
  5. Change Your Protein Intake

How to Get Rid of Protein in Urine

1. Control Your Blood Sugar

Diabetes is one of the biggest cause for kidney diseases. If you control or reverse your diabetes you can prevents lots of health problems.

If blood sugar begins to increase then you have diabetes.controlling blood sugar naturally or through medication or combination of both whatever works has to be followed to ensure that diabetes doesn't increase.

Diet control, exercise and regular monitoring of blood sugar will go a long in getting rid of proteins in urine.

2. Lower Sodium Intake

Low sodium helps to control high blood pressure. Kidney functioning improves as blood pressure lowers and resumes to normal.

Occasional rise if blood pressure during exercise and other strenuous activity is a normal process of heart functioning. But a chronic high blood pressure can damage kidneys. The damaged kidney will then not be able to process proteins and they will come in the urine.

High sodium potassium ratio also impacts kidney functioning and increases fluid reduction in the body.

So reduce your sodium intake particularly if you have high blood pressure and increase consumption of potassium rich foods.


3. Consume More Omega 3 Fatty Acids

A study conducted on rats and published 2003 indicates that flaxseeds reduce proteins in urine. They also found that flaxseeds didn't cause kidney damage as compared to other proteins.

There are no human studies published yet on this. But flaxseeds and other omega 3 fatty acids lower your blood pressure which us good for proteinuria.

So eat omega 3 fatty acids rich fishes such as mackerel, salmon, tuna and others.

4. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is a very important health tool. It improves your blood circulation, increases muscle strength and improves your heart and Kidneys. In fact exercise revitalizes your entire body.

All the three main causes of protein in urine are tackled by exercise. Regular exercise will lower blood pressure. It also reduces blood sugar which in turn improve your diabetes. Since exercise also improve blood circulation to the brain you are stress levels are reduced. If all the three elements are fixed protein in your urine is also fixed and you reduce offs of kidney disease.

5. Change Your Protein Intake

Just because there are high protein levels in urine you don't have to give up proteins all together.

However, lowering the consumption of proteins and changing to Healthy of proteins will make a significant improvement in your urine proteins.

Avoid red meats and move to lean proteins like chicken meat. Eat more fishes and soy proteins.

Soy proteins are light on kidneys as compared to animal proteins.

Other Tips and Precautions

Since high blood pressure and diabetes are the main causes of rise if proteins in urine, fix these and you will get rid of proteinuria. Take following precautions.

  • Lead a healthy life by exercising and sleeping well
  • Reduce stress by deep breathing and meditation
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar
  • Stop alcohol and sugary colas and sodas

You are lucky if you identify proteins in urine early and take preventative action. Urine test every year if you are above 60 can save you from.kidney disease.