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Home Remedies for Ocular Rosacea

Ocular rosacea, which responds to natural treatment better than conventional medicine, is the extension of the same condition called facial rosacea. It is an inflammation that causes dry eyes and redness in the eyes with burning and itching.

It usually follows the facial rosacea, but sometimes the ocular rosacea develops first. Interestingly it develops in the people who blush and flush and are in the middle age range of between 30-50 years.

People who suffer ocular rosacea sometimes are completely unaware of the condition for a very long time until a doctor tells them. Most of the time they use dry eye and burning and itching treatment for the eye. It gives them some relief. Good news is that all these treatments help, they do not harm. But you are required to do more...

A regular good eye care and use of some home remedies can reduce signs and symptoms of ocular rosacea, but there is no permanent cure for it. It usually recurs.

What Causes Ocular Rosacea?


The exact causes of rosacea are not known, but factors like heredity, blocked glands in the eyelids, eyelash mites and other environmental factors such as bacterial environment are some of the factors have been found to cause ocular rosacea.

Other risk factors for rosacea are skin rosacea. If you have skin or facial rosacea then chances of getting ocular rosacea are very high. Although, you may get ocular rosacea before the skin rosacea or you may not get skin rosacea at all.

Unlike skin rosacea which affects women more than the men, ocular rosacea equally affects men and women.

Since rosacea is a recurring condition various factors can aggravate ocular rosacea. These are the same factors that can also flare up skin rosacea.

  • Sunlight
  • Wind
  • Extreme hot temperatures including hot baths and sauna
  • Strenuous exercises
  • Alcohol
  • Hot and spicy food and beverages

Certain medicines such as drugs for dilating blood vessels and skin ointments containing cortisone can aggravate ocular rosacea.

Signs and Symptoms of Ocular Rosacea

The very first sign you will notice is dry eyes which will begin to turn red with burning, itching and stinging sensations. You may begin to feel the presence of some foreign particles in your eyes where there is none and your vision may become blurring. Your eyelids may be swollen and the white part of the eyes will show some dilated blood vessels.

All these symptoms may occur before, after or simultaneously with facial symptoms of skin rosacea.

Due to dry eyes the cornea (surface of your eye) may get affected. If not taken care properly then it can lead to inflammation of eyelids which will further impact the cornea leading to permanent impairment to vision.

If you have ocular rosacea then periodic eye checkup will help to reduce the symptoms.

10 Eye Care Home Remedies for Ocular Rosacea

Doctors usually prescribe oral antibiotics which give temporary relief, but the ocular rosacea will resurface. It is a chronic condition which has no permanent cure, that is why home remedies and proper eye care are better alternatives.

Since rosacea makes your eyes dry, first of all you will have to use home remedies for dry eyes to keep your eyes moist.

Eye Care

  1. Use fragrance free non oily eye makeup if you have to use it, otherwise avoid eye makeup altogether.
  2. Avoid makeup when eyes are inflamed
  3. Avoid contact lenses particularly during flare-ups.
  4. Avoid using products that aggravate ocular rosacea such as alcohol and hot spicy food and beverages
  5. Use artificial tears to relieve dryness
  6. Replace all your facial care products with mild fragrance less natural products
  7. Wear sunglasses as they will protect you from the sun glare and the wind which aggravates the condition
  8. Use a humidifier if you live in dry climatic conditions. This will greatly help reduce dryness in the eye and resulting burning and itching sensation
  9. Wash your eyes twice daily