Potato Slices for Black Eye

4 Ways to Get Rid of a Black Eye

Black eye is not a common problem, yet once in a while everyone may get it. A small head or face injury can lead to a black eye. The area near the eye generally gets swelled due to collection of blood from the nearby vessels into the affected area.

The tissue damage and clotting of blood makes the eyes dark or black. Since the eye is not hurt and the tissues begin to repair the black eye may slowly turn into different shades of purple ranging from dark to light before finally become normal. This fading away of the darkness around the eyes may take weeks or months but you can expedite the healing by using natural home remedies.

Black eye is one of those conditions where most of the symptoms such as swelling and darkness of the skin are clearly visible. But other systems such as headache, vomiting and difficulties in opening the eye may also occur, depending on the severity of the tissue damage.


When you see someone with a black eye, the obvious first thought is normally a blow to the face, punch on the nose or even eyes. Other causes include broken nose or recently done plastic surgery.

5 of the Many Different Ways to Get Rid of a Black Eye Fast.

As soon as you realize that the face has been severely punched, paining and has began to swell, you need to act fast as under:

1. Apply Ice Pack

You need to stop the blood vessels to bleed internally and stop swelling as the first line of defense. Applying ice pack does both.

Icepack constrict the blood vessels to stop bleeding or slows down the internal bleeding. The constrictions of the other facial tissues reduces the swelling.

Black eye is pretty unsightly, so get ready to accept the new reality. Look at the mirror and laugh it out as you are going to see new you every day in the mirror for a few weeks. Your initial first aid action of apply ice pack will make the black eye heal faster.

First two days are critical. So apply ice pack many times during the day for a couple of days. Keep some ice cubes in a cotton cloth and apply on the affected area for about 10 minutes.

2. Eat Vitamin C Rich Food

Vitamin C is boosts immunity and assist in faster healing of skin wounds and bruises. Eat Vitamin C rich food for the next couple of weeks starting from day 1. You can drink orange juice or eat fresh oranges. Both will do a good job.

Drink you water with lemon. Add half a lemon to one glass of normal temperature water. Add honey and a pinch of salt to taste better and drink it 6-8 times a day.

This will boost your immunity as well as help you shed some extra pounds of flesh from your weight.

3. Use Warm Compress

Once the swelling stops and stabilized and blood vessels are repaired to stop bleeding internally within the first 48 hours stop using ice packs. Begin to apply warm compress. Warm compress will stimulate the tissues and reduce pain.

Apply warm compress 4-5 times a day for 10-15 minutes each time.

4- Eat and Apply Pineapple

After using ice packs for a couple days you have stopped internal bleeding, you have improved immunity by eating vitamin C rich foods and now have started using warm compress to reduce pain. It is time to start working on the discoloration of skin.

Your skin has become dark and gradually turning purple. You want it to quickly begin to look like the rest of the facial skin and blend it well with it. Pineapple will do a good job. Apply thin slice of pineapple on the affected eye. Close the eye and put a cold thin slice of pineapple. Keep it there for 5-10 minutes. Do it 3-4 times a day for a week.

You can also use cool cucumber or potato slices in place of pineapple or use all 3 of them alternatively.

Eat pineapple regularly. Its antioxidant capabilities help skin tissue damage to heal faster.

There are other effective remedies Arnica, Calendula, Hazel Witch including so many other herbs but these things are not easily available everywhere. So use what is available and heal your black eye fast.