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Home Remedies for Bags Under Eyes

You wake up in the morning and don't like what you see in the mirror. The dark circles and puffy eyes affect your looks.These bags under eyes are becoming a common occurrence due to the modern lifestyle. These eye bags are usually harmless and can be removed with home remedies.

These days you will see lots of people with bags under eyes. Even younger people are affected by this lifestyle condition.Sleeping patterns of the younger generation has completely changed in the new millennium and that has significant health impact including dark circles and bags under the eyes.

What Causes Bags Under Eyes?

The condition is mainly a result of the accumulation of fat in the eye area. There are a number of causes that can lead to this condition. Genetics play a vital role in causing bags under the eyes or even the dark circles.

The other causes include lack of sleep, lack of exercise, a diet full of salty foods and water retention. Even Sinus infections can cause them.

Kidney and thyroid problems can also cause this condition. Though most people don’t like the way they look, but bags under eyes are usually harmless and don't require medical care.

In most normal cases when your problem is not related to severe underlying conditions such as kidney or thyroid disorders, then one of the following home remedies or a combination of them can remove the bags under eyes.

5 Natural Remedies for Bags Under Eyes

Bags under the eyes makes you look older than your age. You may also look sick. get rid of them before they become stubborn. With the following inter-related changes in your lifestyle you be rest assured of the removal of the bags under the eyes in a very short period. You already know that prevention is one of the best treatments for any condition. A well balanced diet and lifestyle can help prevent eye bags.

1. Stop Fluid Retention

If you observe that you get puffy eyes in the morning whenever you have eaten a salty dinner, then water retention is the main cause for the bags under eyes. it simply means that you have to manage water retention problem.


Whenever there is excess salt in the body, it gets accumulated in certain specific areas of the body. On face it is under the eyes which gets the excess supply. So you need to adapt to the following two step daily routine

One-drink a lot of water. If you already know that you don't drink enough water, then this will produce fast results. More water dilutes the salt concentration in the body. Therefore, the accumulated salt will be available for circulation and get dispersed. Your eye bags will deflate and smother out in few days.

Two- avoid salty food. Again this is common sense. if your problem is because of salt then eat less salt. If you can completely avoid salt during the dinner, then great!

So limiting your salt intake means stop eating processed and canned foods. Instead eat raw vegetables and fruits as snacks and get rid of your bags under eyes.

2- Gently Massage your face

Massaging your face gently before going to sleep will help better circulation during sleep. This means no specific deposition of salt under the yes. Make it a habit to apply a natural face cream of your choice daily on your face with circulatory motion of gentle massage. It is important to massage the area at least 5 minutes.

Simply applying the face cream in 15 seconds and going to bed will not be very effective in this case. The massage part is more important than applying the facial cream alone to remove the bags under eyes.

3- Change your Sleeping Habits

Usually we sleep horizontally. Change your sleeping style. Try sleeping on an incline. This reduces water retention during the night. We are trying to use gravity in our favor. This may take some time to get used to, but will greatly help in removing puffiness under the eyes.

So, you would have noted that water retention is one of the main causes of bags under eyes. Do everything possible to remove water retention from the area under your eyes and you will the bags disappear soon.

4- Apply Tea Bags

You can use to apply green tea bags to reduce puffiness under the eyes. Drink a couple of tea bags in warm water. Let them soak some water. When you see that they have begun to shed color in the water, they are ready for use. Remove the teabags from the water. Hold it for some time over the water until it stops dripping. Put them on a plate.

Cover the plate with another plate and keep it in refrigerator. Lie down in a comfortable position. Keep a plastic protective wrap on your body to avoid tea drops spoiling your clothes. You can even cover your entire face to avoid coloring. Apply the teabags on both eyes and relax. Keep it there for 10-15 minutes. The tannin in the tea helps to remove the dark circles and puffiness.Wash your face. You will notice a significant reduction in the size of the bags under eyes. You may even see them disappear within this short time.

5- Change Lifestyle

This is preventative as well as a more long term strategy to avoid bags under the eyes. Build a regular exercise routine, sleep well and on time. Eat healthy food and on time. These are very simple advice for the general well being.

Bags under the eyes are one of the early signs of aging, if it is not genetics. If it is coming because of your lifestyle then be warned that you are aging faster than you were genetically disposed. However if the condition is severe then you need to see your doctor to rule out kidney or thyroid or any other serious underlying condition.