Picture of a lazy eye

Home Remedies for Lazy Eyes (Amblyopia)

Amblyopia or commonly known as lazy eye, is a condition generally develops in early childhood. However, children of all ages and adults above 40 can also get it. It usually runs in families.


Early detection of amblyopia will not only cure the condition but also will save your eyes from becoming blind. If it is in your family then you must check it out for all your children and keep a watch to see the symptoms developing.

No matter what kinds of medication your healthcare provider has put you in, you still have to go through some simple home remedies and exercises for your lazy eyes.

If you catch the condition early then you will not require any serious medication but just exercises will fix your lazy eyes. But, before all this, let us first understand the early warning signals of lazy eyes, so that the next steps of proper treatment can be taken,


If your Child has one or more of the following symptoms, then you must show him/her to an eye specialist to confirm the condition.

  • child becomes fussy if one eye is closed
  • can't see movies in 3D
  • eyes keep wandering
  • frequent squinting
  • cant see far distances clearly

Check out with an eye specialist and if it is confirmed that your child has amblyopia, then the following exercises will help.

Usually one of the eyes is a lazy eye. Use a patch to close the normal eye, so that the lazy eye has to perform all the functions of seeing. This will improve the muscular weakness that is making the eye lazy. If both eyes are lazy then you will have to apply the patch alternatively. Work on one eye first and then a few days later work on the other.

Do the following exercise with the patch on the other eye.

  • roll your lazy eye clockwise and then anticlockwise in circular motion for 5 minutes.
  • focus on one object for a long time
  • track an object in motion. Take a pencil in your hand and move it in different directions and let your lazy focus on the lid of the pencil all the time during the motion.