astigmatism home remedies

7 Home Remedies for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a refractive eye error like short sightedness (myopia ) or long sightedness (hyperopia). So it is not an eye disease or eye health problem but just a suboptimal way in which the eye focuses light.

It mostly begins at the early ages and it is believed that every 1 in 4 children has some degree of astigmatism.

Slight astigmatism doesn't require any vision correction but can be treated with home remedies. You can also control further deterioration with lifestyle changes.

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What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a medical term used to describe blurred and distorted vision of near or far objects.

In astigmatism, the affected eye focuses light at multiple points rather than focusing on a single point in the retina like normal that gives clear vision. As a result the vision gets distorted or blurred.

Most people with astigmatism have an abnormal shaped cornea that is not symmetrical like any normal eye.


There are three types of Astigmatism

  • Myopic astigmatism in which near objects look blurred it distorted
  • Hyperopic astigmatism in which far objects look distorted or blurred
  • Mixed astigmatism in which both bear and far objects look blurred or distorted


  • Genetics
  • Scarring of cornea
  • Eye injury
  • Eye disease like keratoconus in which gradual thinning of cornea occurs
  • Accidents of neck can sometimes impact eyes


  • Objects look blurred around the edges
  • Double images or distorted images
  • Eye strain
  • Headache
  • Squinting to see objects
  • Pain in reading small prints

Conventional Treatment of Astigmatism

Your ophthalmologist generally will consider

  • Glasses to rectify the vision
  • Contact lenses to correct the vision

In rare cases refractive surgery or laser surgery of cornea is done in those cases whose retina is strong.

Home Remedies for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a problem of the shape of the cornea. No home remedy can really correct the shape. However, some natural products that improve eye health help to prevent further deterioration.

Use these remedies in addition to wearing the required glasses or contact lenses for sustainable clearer vision for longer periods.

1. Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo Biloba is an antioxidant that improves blood circulation in the brain and eyes. It is a good remedy for astigmatism and many other eye conditions.

  • Pour water in a glass
  • Add 3 drops of ginkgo biloba extract
  • Mix well
  • Drink daily before going to the bed

2. Carrots

Carrots are loaded with beta carotene and vitamins and other nutrients. They are good home remedies for eyesight. Carrots improve vision and help in astigmatism.

  • Munch a carrot whenever you feel like snacking
  • Add a carrot into your salad or
  • Drink carrot juice or
  • Drink lots of water too


3. Spinach

Spinach is rich in vitamin A b c and e. It contains a good amount of iron and zinc and has phytonutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin. All these nutrients are good for your eyesight.

  • Add spinach to your smoothies
  • Make spinach soup or
  • Add baby spinach to sandwiches

4. Kale

Kale is another green leafy vegetable full of Vitamin minerals and phytonutrients.

  • Add kale to salad
  • Make kale smoothies
  • Put it in sandwiches
  • Use it in wraps

5. Red Bell Pepper

Red bell pepper is the great source of vitamin A, E and C zeaxanthin and lutein which keeps your retina healthy. Thus very helpful in astigmatism.

  • Add them to salad
  • Put them in sandwiches
  • Stir fry them with other vegetables

6. Nuts

Nuts are rich in vitamin E and are helpful in anti-aging and age related macular degeneration.

  • Eat handful of Walnuts or
  • Handful of soaked almonds or
  • Handful of hazelnut or
  • Mix of handful of all nuts daily

7. Organic Yogurt

Organic yogurt is good for your eyesight. It has zinc and vitamin A that helps protect cornea which is very important in astigmatism.

Eat 200 gm organic yogurt daily or
Make smoothies of other eye healthy fruits and vegetables

Other Tips and Precautions

In order to maintain clear vision with astigmatism take following precautions.

  • Always wear recommended glasses or contact lenses
  • Do not strain your eyes by squinting to see without glasses
  • Regularly visit your eye doctor
  • Treat astigmatism early. Don't wait otherwise the vision will further deteriorate.

Bottomline is take care of your eyes in every possible way to maintain clear vision.