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Guava Leaves are Very Effective as Hair Loss Remedy

You can use guava leaves to stop hair loss and regrowth. Instead of using harsh chemical based expensive over the counter hair care products, these natural remedies such as guava leaves can do a better job at much lower costs.


Your hair loss may be just due to a natural routine hair replenishment process, or it may be a serious cause of concern. In either case guava leaves are good.

Most of the time hair loss occurs due to some problems in the scalp. Dry scalp dermatitis or any other skin problem on the scale can cause hair loss. Once you tackle these scalp problems, hair generally stops falling and regrowth occurs.

Eating guava has many health benefits as it is not only a delicious food but very nutritious fruit. It contains vitamin C, lycopene and antioxidants all of which are very beneficial to the skin.

So,continue to eat guava and drink its juice during the season. If you have not yet developed love for guava, begin eating and develop the taste. Soon you will fall in love.

While you can use guava only during the season, guava leaves are available throughout the year to protect your skin, scalp and hair.

How to Use Guava Leaves to Stop Hair Loss?

guava leaves for hair loss infographic

Guava leaves are also a rich source of vitamins and other nutrients that are very powerful for hair growth. In addition to hair growth guava leaves can also help you in better skin and nails.

So, add guava leaves into your regular hair care regimen to get fuller, healthier and stronger hair growth.

Step 1. Clean the Guava Leaves

It is very important to clean the guava leaves before using it to stop hair loss. Impurities, if any, will get into the tea we are going to prepare for the hair care. Dust particles and chemical sprays used to protect the tree should be removed from the leaves.

Take a handful of guava leaves and wash with normal temperature water and dab them dry with kitchen roll.


Step 2. Boil Guava Leaves

  • Take two glasses of water in the boiling point
  • Add the washed guava leaves.
  • Boil it for 20 minutes
  • Switch off the burner and let the water cool down
  • Strain the water by squeezing the leaves on a strainer.

Your guava leaf tea is ready for use on your hair.

You can store this concoction from time to time.

One application may require 50-100ml depending on your hair density on the scalp.

Step 3. Prepare Your Hair and Apply Guava Leaves Tea

In order to get the best results you have to keep the guava leaves tea on your hair for 10-12 hours. Therefore, the best time to use it before going to bed.

Make sure that your hair does not have any other products used. It is always safe to wash your hair with mild herbal shampoo before using guava leaf tea on your hair.

Apply the guava leaf concoction on your hair with a hair applicator to the roots first. Then with your hands apply from roots to the ends.

  • Massage your scalp for some time.
  • Cover your hair with shower cap and go to bed.
  • Wash and rinse your hair in the morning.

Why Does It Work?

The vitamin B extract that gets concentrated in the guava leaf tea is the main cause of stopping hair fall and regrowing hair.

Vitamin B strengthens hair follicles and the roots of the hair. This in turn stops the hair from falling. When hair falls after completing its normal life cycle, a new strong hair grows in its place.

Overall impact is you get sustainable fuller and stronger hair on your scalp.