Castor oil for long hair

5 ways to Use Castor Oil to Stop Hair Loss and Grow Healthy Lustrous Hair Quickly

Everyone wants good long healthy hair so that they can style them in any way they want. But the challenging environment in which we live today impacts our skin and hair due to environmental pollution. There are many home remedies that can protect them and provide growth.

Castor oil is one such home remedy which has got multiple health benefits. It can really help your hair to retain its lustre and grow long faster as it contains nutrients such as ricinoleic acid, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids and Vitamin E in addition to many other minerals and vitamins.

Castor oil is generally colorless with mild odor. Some varieties may have very light yellow tinge. It is very viscous oil so it is generally mixed with other light oils before use. Castor oil and many other oils help to ;attract and retain moisture in the skin and hair keeping them healthy.

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How Castor Oil Prevents Hair?

Castor oil has been in use as a home remedy for many skin and hair problems around the world for centuries. It takes care of almost all normal hair related problems including spit ends,hair thinning and hair loss.

While it is a multitasking oil to get relief from many health condition, castor oil use for skin and hair is widespread and it is a very effective remedy to stop hair loss.

Castor oil is odorless and is generally colorless to pale yellow in appearance and is very thick in consistency as compared to most other vegetable oils. Its single largest component (more than 85%) is Ricinoleic acid-in some varieties of castor oils it can be as high as 95%. Other major components include Linoleic Acid upto 1-5% and Oleic acid 2-6% with other acidic components in much smaller quantities.

Ricinoleic acids chemical composition of mono unsaturated nature gives it a polar nature that is nourishing for the scalp. Let us understand how it helps in hair growth.


Your body produces a lipid named Prostaglandin (PGE2) which acts as a catalyst for hair growth. Any deficiency of PGE2 in the scalp generally causes hair loss. Ricinoleic acid stimulates the production of PGE2. The enhanced production of this lipid enriches hair follicles and even the bald spots may get hair regrowth.

In addition to the production PGE2, ricinoleic acid also kills fungi and bacteria from the scalp which indirectly helps to improve stalled hair growth as well as get rid of dandruff.

Castor oil is Omega 9 fatty acid rich oil. This fat absorbs moisture easily, therefore a good massage of scalp with castor oil will ensure hydration throughout the time it is on the scalp. It attracts water from the atmosphere and absorbs it. This cures the roblem of dry hair and split ends.

Over a period of time the Vitamin E and Omega 6 in the castor oil will smoother the hair cuticles. This will reduce split ends.

Castor oil can treat all types of hair loss with varying degrees of success. If you are suffering from any of the following conditions causing your hair loss, then use of castor oil will help.

  • Alopecia
  • Dandruff
  • Female andmale pattern baldness
  • Hair loss due to harsh chemical based hair care products
  • Hair loss due to hot iron hair styling
  • Infections in the hair follicles

Since Castor oil is very viscous, you must use it properly to get full benefits of this very effective home remedy for hair loss and other hair related problems such as hair thinning and split ends.

Castor oil also is very effective intreatment of dry scalpand benefits indandruff removal. It is anti-bacterial and possesses anti-inflammatory properties.Castor oil is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamin E. it is widely used in the cosmetic industry for hair and skin care products.

In addition to the hair and skin benefits, castor oil also is very useful in birth control. constipation, menstrual disorders and rheumatism. it has been a popular laxative for centuries and it still is.

Best Ways to Use Castor Oil to Stop Hair Loss

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1. Castor Oil Application to Stop Hair Loss

You must begin to apply from the roots first.

  • Part your hair in many sections and slowly apply to the scalp. Massage the scalp thoroughly so that the oil is thoroughly absorbed by the scalp. This will help the ricinoleic acid to stimulate production of PGE2.
  • Apply it gradually on the hair from root to the end.
  • Cover your head with a shower cap or a towel for the maximum impact
  • Leave it for 1-2 hours and rinse it

In these 1-2 hours both the ricinoleic acid and Omega 9 will perform their job of stimulating production of PGE2 and moisturizing the hair to create healthy and lustrous hair. Regular use will stop hair loss and provide the required hair growth.


2. Castor Oil With Aloe Vera to Stop Hair Loss

If your hair loss is due to dandruff and itchy scalp then use aloe vera with castor oil to arrest the loss.

  • Add castor oil and aloe vera in equal quantities and mix well. The mix will be thick paste
  • Apply it gently on your scalp and all hair strands
  • Wear a shower cap
  • Rinse 2-3 hours later with mild herbal shampoo
  • Do it 2-3 times a week to get shiny and long hair

3. Castor Oil with Almond Oil to Stop Hair Loss

Almond oil is very good for hair growth. Both these oils together provide a good supply of magnesium and zinc to quickly arrest hair loss.

  • Mix almond oil and castor oil in equal quantities
  • Mildly heat to to make it little light otherwise the mix is too viscous
  • massage gently on your hair and scalp
  • Rinse it off after 3 hours

4. Castor Oil with Coconut Oil to Stop Hair Loss

Coconut oil for hair growth is as good as castor oil is not more.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of castor oil to 2 teaspoons of coconut oil.
  • Heat up a bit to make it warm
  • Massage your scalp with the mix and apply on every hair strand
  • Cover your head with a steam towel
  • Wash your hair with mild herbal shampoo after 1 hour

5. Castor Oil with Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Onion juice for hair is an excellent remedy for stopping hair loss. Adding it to castor oil makes it even more potent hair growth formula.

  • Add equal amounts of onion juice and castor oil and mix well to get a fine light consistency mix
  • Massage properly on your scalp and apply to every strand of hair
  • Rinse it off after 2-3 hours with a mild herbal shampoo.
  • Do it every alternate day if you are suffering hair loss.

How to Remove Castor Oil from Hair?

Due to its thick viscosity, you will require more than one round of shampooing to remove the castor oil from your hair.

  • Use warm water as it opens the pores
  • Apply mild herbal shampoo and massage with your fingertips
  • Wash your hair with warm water
  • Apply a conditioner and massage your scalp with fingertips
  • Rinse off the conditioner

Other Tips and Precautions

Castor oil is generally safe on your hair and skin but it can give allergic reaction in some cases.

  • Always do a patch test on your arms first time before use
  • Rub a few drops on one of your forearms and wait for a day to be absolutely sure that there is no allergic reaction
  • Don't use it if your skin itches, becomes red or swells

Bottom line is use castor oil alone or with other natural products regularly on your scalp and hair to get healthy and lustrous hair growth.