Dehydration and High Blood Pressure are Closely Linked!

Dehydration is double edged sword as far as blood pressure is concerned. It can cause High blood pressure as well as low pressure depending on over all health and age of the person. 

High blood pressure is linked to aging and chronic dehydration leads to accelerate the aging process . This makes a direct link between both conditions. So it can easily be derived that it is not only the aging but the dehydration also leads to high blood pressure.

This also means that all the other coronary diseases like stroke, multiple sclerosis and heart and many kidney diseases are all also caused indirectly by dehydration.

All these problems will not occur due to occasional dehydration. These problems will occur when you have chronic dehydration. Occasional severe dehydration can give short term problems that should be immediately addressed.

Chronic dehydration is a problem of habit cultivated over a period of time. These habits are generally developed if you have a sedentary lifestyle and/or you are living in an air conditioned environment.


Chronic dehydration will cause high blood pressure, which becomes chronic if not tamed with lifestyle changes or medication or both. With chronic high blood pressure blood vessels can become weak with poor tones. These weak vessels will ultimately become saggy which can not constrict properly causing low blood pressure.

It is an irony that dehydration causes problems on both ends of the blood pressure spectrum. This behavior has a significant impact on the kind of medication you take to reduce blood pressure.

For example, Diuretics are generally prescribed for high blood pressure. Diuretics taken to reduce blood pressure may cause dehydration and you get into a vicious cycle. Therefore the best diuretic you should use is water. It will not let you dehydrate as well as act as a diuretic.

The relationship between water and salt absorption by the body is very complex and conflicting research makes it even more confusing. Therefore sticking to natural way of managing blood pressure and keep it normal is far better than taking medication.

Drink a lot of water daily to ensure that you remain properly hydrated throughout the day. Over a long period this habit will bring you blood pressure to normal levels.

Dehydration can cause many other medical conditions so avoid chronic dehydration.

If you live in an air conditioned environment, then it is highly likely that you are suffering from dehydration. So do the following:

Since we all generally spend at least 8 hours in our workplace, our new habit of remaining hydrated has to start from the workplace.

  • Keep a filled glass of water on your working desk.
  • Set alarm in your mobile phone to buzz you every one hour.
  • When you hear the buzz of the alarm, drink the water
  • fill the glass with water and wait for the next buzzer.
  • repeat it until you left the office in the evening.


This way you would have consumed at least 8 glasses of water during the day. This should keep you fully hydrated throughout the day. within a month or so you will see a major difference in you general well being. Blood pressure would have become normal if it was due to dehydration. Other wise high blood pressure would require remedies.

So drink lots of water every day and keep yourself fit.