Chapped Lips

7 Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are a common problem in the winter when the air is dry and cold. There are many commercial lip balms available, but these can be expensive and contain chemicals that may not be good for your lips. Try many natural remedies for chapped lips that are as effective as the medicine if not more. 

Lips that are rough, dry, and flaking all the time are chapped because of some problem inside your body not outside. But the occasional occurrence of chapped lips is usually caused by exposure to the harsh external environment of cold and dry air, hot sun, and whipping winds.

In any case, chapped lips are a nuisance, and you can get rid of them at home in most cases. In certain rare cases, you may require a doctor's advice.

The dryness of the lips indicates that there is a lack of moisture on the surface of it, but in the deep, it may also be due to a lack of certain nutrients and minerals.

7 Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Following home remedies for chapped lips are proven techniques for getting rid of the dryness of lips.

1. Water but Not in The Conventional Manner


Any dryness of the body can be logically linked to dehydration or less consumption of water. It is true for chapped lips also. But there is a difference in the method of hydrating your lips as compared to how you would rehydrate yourself if you are dehydrated.

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day wouldn’t immediately relieve you from chapped lips. In the long run, it certainly will but not right now.

To moisturize, your chapped lips you have to sip hot water which will help dilate the circulatory systems to send moisture to the tissues.

Sip half a cup of hot water or any decaffeinated hot liquid such as decaffeinated tea slowly every 10 minutes throughout the day. You will see significant improvement by the end of the day. In some mild cases you would be free chapped lips and your skin will be natural and normal by the end of the day.

So remember to drink hot (warmness that your tongue can tolerate) and then make it a habit to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day so that you don’t get dehydrated. This not only saves you from chapped lips but you will feel energetic as you will remain fully hydrated throughout the day.

2. Stay Away From Phenol and Camphor

Look at chapped lips and subconsciously we will think of using lip balm. There is nothing wrong with it. Millions of people around the world use it. Though this is not the best way to take care of your dried and flaked lips, people still use it because it works. It provides only temporary relief, but in the long run, some components increase dryness. If you have to buy a lip balm, then make sure that it doesn’t contain phenol, camphor, or other harmful chemicals.

Instead, look for a lip balm that contains cocoa butter which is non-toxic. Cocoa butter is also rich in emollient and moisturizing capabilities. This will help reduce the dryness of your chapped lips to make them smooth by rehydrating them.

3. Eat Nutritious Food – Say goodbye to Processed Food

If you eat a lot of processed and fast food and are facing chapped lips, then this is an early warning sign of malnutrition. You are lacking nutrients and minerals which are making your lips dry and flaky. Overall you may feel healthy because there is no major nutritional deficiency. This is good news as major damage has not yet occurred and your chapped lips are telling you to take care.

Don’t be dependent on fast and processed foods to meet your daily meal requirements. An occasional bite or two should be alright. Switch to healthier organic foods. If you really can’t avoid dependence on processed food then at least take daily doses of multivitamin supplements regularly.

4. Apply Oils

Oils particularly made of seeds are not only good moisturizers but also act as protection against dryness. A thin layer of oil on the lips doesn’t allow the harsh rays of the harsh sun to penetrate the skin or the cold breeze to dry your lips.

Several oils can be used to protect your lips. Coconut oil is the best among others. Olive oil and mustard oil are equally effective but they may smell that you may not like. Expensive almond oil is also very good for chapped lips.

5. Cucumber

Cucumber is a very potent soothing agent. Take out a cucumber from the refrigerator and make 3-4 mm thick slices. Apply them to your lips. You can just keep it on the lips or dab on the lips. 2-3 minutes of application is enough to get instant relief from the pain of chapped lips.

Cucumber provides enough moisturizing effect to last.

6. Honey

Apply honey after the cucumber application. Honey is also a moisturizer but it is more powerful after the application of cucumber. It retains the moisture provided by the cucumber slices.

Honey can also be used with sugar to get a completely different impact. Since chapped lips have a lot of dead skin flakes they should be removed to get relief.

Make a thick paste of honey and sugar and apply it to the lips. Keep it there for a couple of minutes and rub it on the lips. The sugar granules with honey will gently exfoliate dead skin making the lips not only look smooth but feeling better also.

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the best skin moisturizers. You can grow it in your backyard, and use it when you need it. The only problem with Aloe Vera gel is that it smells bad and your lips are too close to the sensing organ nose.

If you can bear the smell then this is perhaps the best bet for hydrating your chapped lips.


In conclusion, you have choices of many natural remedies for chapped lips. Some of these remedies work better than others depending on who is using them. Whichever remedy you choose, make sure to apply it regularly and liberally to your lips. With a little time and patience, your chapped lips will be gone in no time.