Aloe vera gel for skin whitening

How to Lighten Facial Skin

This home remedy will lighten your dark facial and body skin effectively quickly and make your skin fair and bright.

Do You want to lighten and brighten your facial skin ?

Why not, who doesn't want to look good. After all looking good feels good!

Irrespective of the natural color of your skin, if it has become darker and you want to lighten it, then this simple remedy will help you to achieve that objective.


The ingredients to prepare your facial pack are all Natural products.


  • Lemon Juice,
  • almond oil and
  • Aloe vera gel

These three ingredients will change the complexion of you face to lighter skin tones almost immediately.

How It Lightens Facial Skin?

Each ingredient will impart specie skin benefit to be effective overall in lightening the complexion of your facial skin As under:

  • Lemon has antiseptic and bleaching properties to reduce the darkness slowly over a period of time,
  • Almond oil will nourish your skin and
  • Aloe vera will keep it moisturized.

What Causes Dark Skin?

Following are two of the most common causes of skin darkening.

  • Atmospheric pollutants and
  • Overexposure to the sun rays

So, you should keep washing your face and apply moisturising creams multiple times daily as a precautionary measure.


You should also apply sun protection creams when you are in the bright sun.

Other causes include aging and sickness or skin diseases.

How to Lighten Skin Tones?

You can easily lighten or whiten your skin tones quickly if you follow the basic principles for keeping your skin healthy and young.

  • avoid environmental pollutants and excess exposure to sun rays you can quickly lighten your facial skin.
  • do not apply harmful chemical based products on your skin
  • use natural products to maintain skin in its best condition for long

So , now let us focus on the preparation and use of the remedy made from aloe Vera, almond oil and lemon juice

You can use it one time daily before going to bed.

  • Take a fresh aloe vera leaf. If you do not have a fresh aloe vera leaf then you can take an organic aloe vera gel.
  • Cut an inch long cube from the aloe vera leaf and extract the gel with a sharp knife. This will give you a teaspoon of aloe vera gel or little more.
  • Wrap the rest of the aloe vera leaf in a polythene bag and keep it in the refrigerator for further use, or extract all the gel from the rest of the leaf and store it ;in an airtight container For further use later.
  • Put this one teaspoon of aloe vera gel from the leaf or from the purchased organic aloe vera gel in a small bowl.
  • Cut a lemon in two pieces and extract the juice in the same bowl. Mix the aloe vera gel and lemon juice well.
  • Add a teaspoon of almond oil and thoroughly mix all the three ingredients.

Your facial skin whitener is ready for use. Use it before going to bed.

  • Wash your face with warm water.
  • Gently massage the prepared cream on your face in a circular upward motion.
  • Massage the cream on your neck also in upward motion.
  • Keep applying and massaging it until the entire quantity of the prepared cream gets over.

Wash your face in the morning.

You will notice the skin begin to glow the very next day. Skin color will begin to fade slowly and within a week you will see significant change in the skin tone.

Continue using this practice everyday and take precautions to avoid exposing skin to harsh sun rays and pollution to always look younger than your real age.