Vitamin C for low platelet count

How to Increase a Low Platelet Count - Lifestyle Changes and Home Remedies

Ever wondered how the blood clots and stops flying out from a small cut or the wound? The tiny cells called platelets in the blood are responsible for stopping the excess of loss of blood from your body.

Whenever there is a wound or injury the blood migrates to the site and the platelets bind the damaged blood vessels by forming clots.

A healthy human will have 150000-450000 platelets per mcl of blood. If the platelet count goes below the lower limit then the blood will not clot and the person can lose excessive blood. Therefore, it becomes an emergency to increase low platelet count immediately.

Sudden bleeding from the nose and gums can be seen due to lowering of platelets. The condition of low blood platelets is called thrombocytopenia and can be a symptom of bigger underlying health problems.


The platelets are the tiniest cells in the blood and have a short lifespan of 5-9 days.

There are many causes of low platelet count and and some of them can be serious such as

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Cancer
  • Liver disease
  • Leukemia

Other, not very serious causes of low platelet count include pregnancy, certain viral and bacterial infections.

The symptoms of low platelet count will immediately reflect in fatigue and general weakness. You can experience prolonged bleeding from cuts, frequent nose and gums bleeding, excessive bruising, blood in stools and urine. In the case of women, they will undergo excessive menstrual bleeding.

If the underlying cause is not serious then some lifestyle changes and use of home remedies can increase low platelet count quickly and you can restore your health.

Low platelet count is a serious condition so regular monitoring is necessary. Stay in touch with your doctor always.

1. Water

Drink water and keep yourself fully hydrated throughout the day. Blood cells are made of water and protein. It helps to produce more blood, hence more platelets

2. Exercise

Depending on how low your blood count is you can do low strain exercises to high resistance exercises. If your platelet count is very low like below 15000 then do not do any exercise.

Exercise improves blood circulation and immunity. Improved immunity will increase platelet count in the blood.

3. Beetroots

Beetroots are high in antioxidant and hemostatic properties. Eating beetroots and drinking beetroot juice will increase platelet count within a few days.

You can use beetroot juice alone if you like it. If you do not find beetroot juice to your taste then add carrot juice and drink it.

Drink 1 tablespoon of beetroot juice 3 times a day with or without carrot juice.

4. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is a very good remedy for anemia and increasing low platelet count. Many studies have found it effective in increasing both red and white blood cells, platelet count and Hemoglobin.

You can add a cup of wheatgrass in your daily salad. Another way is to make a juice of one cup of wheatgrass and drink it.

5. Vitamin C

Researchers have found Vitamin C to increase platelet count. So eat foods rich in Vitamin C

Add lemon oranges, tomatoes, spinach, papaya, bell pepper and many more in your daily diet.

You can also take Vitamin C supplements to boost your immunity and platelet levels.

If all these home remedies have not increased your platelet count within a week then work with your doctor to rule out other serious underlying conditions and if they are present then treat them.