Check your fever

How to Reduce a Fever?

When you or your child has a fever, your immediate reaction may be to find ways to get rid of it. Think again, do you really have to reduce fever naturally or otherwise with medicine? The answer is yes and no. If the fever is below 102 degrees, you really do not have to do anything about the fever. Of course you have to make sure that you or your child is comfortable.

Your feel weak and when you touch your forehead it feels warm. You perhaps realize that it is above your normal body temperature. Most people’s normal body temperatures range between 36.5 and 37.5 degree Celsius (97.5-99.5 degree Fahrenheit).

The first step is to reach out to a thermometer and take your reading. If it is higher than your normal range then you have got fever.No need to panic. If it reads above 102 degrees Fahrenheit then visit your doctor. You might have severe infection. But if it is lower than that, there is no hurry to rush to the clinic.


Take rest. It may just be fatigue or early stages of infection, which your immune system is trying to fight out. Let it do its job, and by taking good rest, help your immune system.

Fever is not an illness by itself. It is a symptom of an underlying problem, usually an infection. It is caused by the body's defense mechanism to fight against the infection. A persistent high temperature above 104 degree F can be dangerous requiring medical attention.

Most fevers can be reduced at home at early stages but if you have persistently high fever for more than a day or two then these remedies should be taken under supervision.

What Causes Fever?

Since fever itself is not a disease but a symptom, it is important to find the root cause it. A number of underlying conditions can cause fever. The most common cause is some kind of viral or bacterial infection. These infections are usually seasonal and the temperature doesn't really rise above 102 degrees.

This type of fever doesn't cause any long term negative impact on the body. The fever reaffirms that the immune system is working to fight the infection and we should let the immune system to do its job. We should do everything possible that increases or immunity so that it quickly nullifies the infection for the resulting fever to subside.

Fever above 107 degrees causes brain damage. Fever between 102-107 should be managed to ensure that it doesn't go higher. You must reduce fever naturally and with medicines but not it rise.

Natural Ways to Reduce Fever

There are a number of simple ways to reduce your fever naturally. The following 3 methods are most common and effective.

1. Drink Water Frequently to Reduce fever

When you have a fever you get dehydrated fast. Drinking a lot of water helps in reducing fever.Water reduces dehydration and increases the body's immune system.

  • Drinking too much water at a time may be discomforting so drink a glass of water every hour.
  • Drinking other liquids such as fruit juices also helps.
  • Taking all fruit diet including fresh juices and raw fruits throughout the day can be helpful. Most fruits have antioxidants which aregood to boost immunity.

So a day on liquid diet is your best defense against the temperature. You might be surprised with the speed of recovery if the infection was not severe.

Picture of Home Remedies for Fever Water

2. Take Rest to get Rid of It

It is easier said than done. Today nobody has time to take rest. Perhaps you have to fall sick to grab the opportunity to take a rest. Now you got a fever, and it is the best time for you to give you hard working body and mind some rest.

home remedies fever rest

Body’s immune system works more efficiently during rest. Take sufficient rest. Don’t get yourself involved in any tiring physical activity.

  • Lie down on the bed to take a rest. It is fine even if you don’t get sleep during the day. Important is to get rest.
  • Sitting and getting involved in pleasant talks with loved ones and friends also helps in taking rest.
  • If your occupation doesn’t allow rest during the day time then make sure that you get at least 8 hours of good sleep at night.

A combination of sufficient rest and drinking a lot of water and other liquids can miraculously save you from having to live with the fever and weakness for a few days. Take rest.

Picture of Home Remedies for Fever Cool Your Body Temperature

3-Cool Your Body Down for Immediate Relief

Since you have a fever, your body temperature is high. We can do a lot of different things to reduce the temperatures down immediately.

  • There are many different ways in which you can cool yourself.It is all about cooling your skin which helps you to feel relief. If the outside temperature is lower than your body then the heat will transfer from body to the ambiance reducing body temperature.
  • Keep the room temperature low. During summer reduce the room temperature by coolers or air conditioners. Wear as less clothes as socially acceptable so that more of your skin is exposed to the cool ambiance.
  • Immerse yourself into cold water tub. Stay there for 10-15 minutes. If you prefer you can take cold shower.
  • Sponging your body with soaked towel in cold water can also produce the same desired result of cooling the skin.

It is sad that most people cover themselves up with blankets when they have a fever. These coverings don’t allow the skin temperature to go down.

Don’t cover yourself with any extra clothes while in the bed. Bare minimum clothes on the body and resting on the bed can itself bring your temperature down particularly if you don’t have a severe infection.

4-Take other Useful Measures to Contain Fever

Eating and drinking certain food items have been shown to help reduce fever. Try some of the following to get rid of your fever.

Eating yogurt helps. Eat 100 gm. of cool yogurt to satiate your hunger as well as reducing your body temperature.

Apple water has also been found effective. Slice an apple and steam it in two cups of water. Let it cool. Strain the pulp. Add honey if you like. Enjoy the apple water by sipping slowly.

You can also make raising water. Soak 100 ml of raisins in a liter of water for 15 minutes. Then boil it. Remove it from the heat and let it cool down. Strain the water and keep it in the refrigerator.Drink a glass of the cold raisin water 3-4 times a day to reduce your fever.

Don’t take aspirin without consulting a doctor. Resist the temptation of taking Tylenol tablets also. Though they are effective and occasional consumption is not bad, getting used to of it over a long term can be harmful.

If body temperature remains above 101F for more than a day then take the help of your doctor.