Ginger Tea for Gas Pain

How to Get rid of Gas Pains

Everyone gets affected by gas sometime or the other. Gas, flatulence or bloating whatever you call it, not only leads to embarrassing farting, but also gives sever pains in various parts of the body. Gas pains can be abdominal pain or a chest pain. Sometime it give headaches too. This is a nagging and chronic problem that disturbs the routine of the sufferer.

Don't let your gas pains disturb your life. You can get rid of it by taking some simple precautions as well as with the help of some home made remedies. Precautions are preventative methods to avoid gas pains, but for immediate relief from the gas pains can be achieved by all of the preparations given under.


If you are a middle aged man with a broad waist line, carry a lot of mental tension or are irregular in food habits, particularly if you consume a lot of oily and fried food articles, you will definitely get gas trouble in the form of gas pains and flatulence.

There are other causes of gas pains such as excess consumption of alcohol, bacterial infection and other digestive disorders that can cause all the trouble.

In fact, any disruption in the digestive process may lead to excessive gas formation in the intestines causing indigestion gases. It may be accompanied with heaviness in the stomach, belching, eructation and fullness after food. The derangement can be an indication of a minor problem as well as can be an early warning sign of a major disease affecting one of more organs such as kidney, lever, gall bladder, intestine and rectum etc. Therefore never ignore gas trouble for long.

Fullness in the upper abdomen, uneasiness and excessive gas are common symptoms. Some people may experience pain along with these symptoms. Those who consume a lot of fatty and oily substances such as Fried foods, suffer more from gas pains. The fat that floats over the rest of the food in the stomach may come up in the mouth due to eructation. This gives an acidic and very unpleasant taste in the month.

Fiber rich vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts abd broccoli cause gas

Alcohol drinking leads to inflammation of the stomach called gastritis. These people often suffer from indigestion and gas trouble. Any allergy to a particular food article may result in this type of symptoms. Those who take medicines on an empty stomach specially pain killers (analgesics) antibiotics and cortisone, may face gastric troubles.

Type one people, who are always on the run, have no time for food is the usual sufferers from indigestion. Such busy people eat whatever they get at any odd time. This irregularity of food and timing cannot be tolerated by the digestive system and it results in indigestion. Highly spicy food irritates the stomach leading to these problems. Other common irritants are very strong tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol etc. When you are tired or you have a severe headache e.g. migraine, nausea and indigestion may trouble you.

Mental tensions have a close relationship with indigestion. Emotional disturbances, suppressed desires, irritation, depression, anger, frustration in life or love, nagging wife or husband, worries etc. adversely affect the digestive process and may cause indigestion.

Peptic ulcer, gall stones, hiatus hernia, pancreatic disorders, liver diseases and obstructive lesion of the small intestines and even cancer may show indigestion as symptom. The increased acidity in peptic ulcer gives burning sensation in the chest as the acid goes up in the food pipe.

Consuming enzyme pills whether needed or not will unnecessarily slacken the digestive processes. Crash dieting by remaining hungry and then suddenly eating a lot puts a lot of strain on our digestion.

Home Remedies for Gas Trouble

If you are suffering from gas pains then the following home remedies will help you eliminate the symptoms and give you instant relief:

Ginger is great remedy for gas trouble. Chew ginger after food or if you don’t like it that way then drink ginger tea.

Boil 2 inch of cinnamon in a bowl of water and drink it slowly. You can add cinnamon to your food. It will not only add to the taste but will give you relief from gas.

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits including providing instant relief from gas. Add Apple cider vinegar as salad dressing or simply add one table spoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water. Keep it in refrigerator until cool. Sip it slowly to consume the entire glass.

The best natural treatment is to avoid having gas trouble. Keep our stomach routine simple; eat at regular and timely intervals. Chew the food properly in calm and peaceful atmosphere. Avoid fatty and fried food with lots of spices. Avoid drinking until late hours or completely give up alcohol. If you are obese then reduce your weight by sensible dieting.