Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds - An Effective Home Remedy for Excessive Flatulence

Bloating and flatulence are both inconveniences, but excessive flatulence in particular is embarrassing, therefore a quick as well as permanent solution is required. Fennel Seeds tops the list of the remedies to get rid of flatulence.

Farting or release of flatulence gases can be delayed a bit but can't be avoided.

Most of the time you might dash to another room to release flatulence to avoid embarrassment, but this practice may not work all the time as you may not have an opportunity to run away for a short time.

Yes, there are many flatulence home remedies and other medications that can help, but a long term solution lies in understanding what causes flatulence and stopping eating those food items that are likely to cause flatulence.

Flatulence is most of the time related to the food you eat and can escalate due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Foods that Cause Flatulence


Occasional farting is alright. It is no cause of concern however, excessive flatulence requires attention.

You would have noticed that whenever you eat beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, bran, cauliflower, onions, prunes, raisins, eggs and scores of other food items, your farting frequency increases.

Reduce the consumption of these food items or if possible avoid them. For vegetarian people these vegetables can not be avoided. Cooking the vegetables in a pressure cooker may reduce the wind they generate inside the intestine.

Beans soaked overnight and then cooked in the pressure cooker will reduce the possibilities of creating flatulence gases inside the stomach.

All sugary food products such as chewing gum, honey , fruit juices ( even fruits) can cause excessive flatulence. Reduce their consumption. Do not eat many fruits together. Reducing the quantity will reduce flatulence.

Fiber, though is very good for your overall health, can also cause flatulence particularly when you overeat it or suddenly increase your fiber intake. So go slow on fiber intake. Divide the portions.

If you are a lactose intolerant person, then you must give up dairy products and look for alternate substitute nutrients such as soy milk and coconut milk as remedy for lactose intolerance. Sometime people with lactose intolerance will be able to eat yogurt. Check it out by trial and hit method.

For others, yogurt will be a great food time to add to your daily diet. It has probiotic which improves the good bacteria bad bacteria balance in the intestine.

How to Use Fennel Seeds for Flatulence Control

You will need fennel seeds. These are widely used in Indian subcontinent and are popularly called Saunf. Fennel Seeds are commonly consumed after food for better digestion as well as for stopping bad breath.

If you are suffering from flatulence then the fennel seed tea is your quick and easy solution.

Here is how you prepare fennel tea.

Pour a cup of water into a heating pot and put it on a medium flame. Add 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds and let it steep for 5-10 minutes until ¼ of water is evaporated.

Take out the pot from the flame. Cover it with a lid and let it cool.

Fennel seeds are a concentrated source of minerals like Copper, Potassium, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese , Vitamin C, Iron, Selenium and Magnesium, It also contain numerous flavonoid anti-oxidants like kaempferol and quercetin which removes harmful free radicals from the body.

Fennel seeds contain volatile essential oils such as estragole, fenchone and anethole, which contribute to its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is these oils that have the digestive and carminative properties to help in proper digestion and reduce flatulence.

Once the prepared fennel tea is cool down a bit to acceptable temperatures, drink it by enjoying every sip of the warm tea.

Drink it 2-3 times a day to get rid of flatulence within a day.

This tea also can be given to infants suffering from colic. Let the tea cool down to room temperatures. With the help of a dropper put a few drops in the mouth of an infant crying due to colic. It will immediately relieve colic symptoms.