Parsley lemon drink

Parsley Lemon Drink for Belly Fat Reduction - Fast Weight Loss

A Combination of Parsley and Lemon Juices can Remove Belly Fat Faster than Most Other Methods

Removal of belly fat is one of the toughest objectives to achieve in your total weight loss plan. The fat around belly is the most stubborn fat and its removal requires appropriate strategies and commitment.

Parsley and lemon juice mix has become popular remedy to remove belly fat faster. If you want to try it out try it for one week to see the results. You may be amazed to see 3-5 pounds weight loss around your belly within a week.

Of course you need to follow the fundamentals of weight loss principles. Proper process with required discipline is key to any success. You can't be casual about belly fat reduction. Your commitment to the required lifestyle is crucial to success of losing 5 pounds of belly fat within a week.

This Parsley Lemon Juice Drink gives You Head Start in Belly Fat Reduction Challenge

Success, however little can keep you motivated to carry on the path. A 5 pound belly fat loss within a week will keep you motivated for long to lose more weight in the time ahead.

When you know something works then you just go for it with full conviction.

You will require:

  • Fresh Parsley - 50 grams
  • Lemon - one
  • Water - one glass

Toss cleaned parsley leaves with stems in a juicer blender to extract juice.

Cut the lemon in two pieces, remove the seeds and extract juice by squeezing the lemon by hands or by a lemon juice extractor. Add the extracted lemon juice in the blender to mix with parsley juice. Add one glass of water too. Blend all to make a good mix.


Your parsley lemon juice is ready for consumption.

  • Pour it in a glass and sip slowly.
  • Drink it empty stomach everyday morning for 7 days only.
  • See the results.

If required, wait for two weeks and repeat for one week.

How Parsley Lemon Juice Works on Your Belly Fat?

Parsley is loaded with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It is low in calories and high in fiber.

Parsley has been used for ages to test UTI, gastrointestinal disorders, Constipation, indigestion, colic, diabetes,kidney stones, cough, asthma and many other conditions.

The metabolism boosting capabilities are useful in the belly fat reduction.

Both lemon and parsley helps improving your metabolism. Additionally the antibiotics capabilities of parsley helps to keep intestine free of bad bacteria.

When you take the parsley lemon drink empty stomach in the morning and control your diet plus do regular exercise, you will lose 5 pounds in a week with ease.

Side Effects of High Parsley Consumption

Parsley is very safe when eaten in smaller amounts as generally used in food.

It is also safe when orally consumed by adults in most cases. In some adults it may cause skin rashes.

Consuming in large quantities can be unsafe as it can cause anemia, liver and kidney troubles.

If you are pregnant then avoid parsley drink as it may lead to abortion in some cases.

So if you are trying parsley lemon drink for belly fat reduction and you find any of the symptoms of above conditions then stop it. If nothing happens still stop after one week.

If you start your belly fat weight reduction, then also continue to focus on diet and exercise for further reduction until your realistic weight loss objectives are achieved.