Vajrasana for back pain

5 Remedies for Back Pain Relief

It is most likely that you are searching for that magic pill, exercise or medication that can get rid of your back pain forever. Eventually most people find their back pain relief remedy through trial and error method.

No one prefers regular use of painkillers, as these painkillers only treat the symptoms temporarily. It doesn't really work on the condition itself.

Back pain affects almost 85 % of the population in different degrees of severity at some point or the other of their life. Their can be many different causes of back pain but most of the back pain problems stems from our daily activities.

Back pain is a modern time condition. Our overall sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical exercise, air conditioning and postures are the main causes of back pain.

The natural methods of alleviating back pain requires changes in the way we conduct our daily chores and make required adjustments to remove the cause.

1. Reduce weight


Take full responsibility of maintaining the weight to height ratio in control. The ratio is called body mass index (BMI) . It is a reference point to decide how much extra work you need to do to control your weight. Major your BMI on online calculators or at the clinic.

If you can afford to join a gym, then join one. They will check your BMI and put you into a regime that is best for you. A disciplined approach will certainly produce better results.

You don't have to join a gym if you believe you can maintain the discipline of regular exercise. Along with exercise, you will have to control your dietary habits. What to eat and how much are both important.

As you begin to lose weight, you will begin to feel better because of you better muscular activities. Physical activities release a brain chemical called endorphins which is a natural painkiller.

It is most likely that you would have already conquered back pain by reducing weight. Don't stop here. Make regular exercise as part of your daily routine as you have already experienced the benefits.

2. Watch your Posture

We just forget about keeping our spine straight while in a sitting posture. Most people slouch while watching TV or playing video games. if you regularly do such activities in a wrong posture you will develop back pain.

Sit straight. Don't sit for long hours. Get up and stretch, walk for 5 minutes intermittently.

3. Yoga for Back Pain

Any low impact physical activity is good to relieve back pain. If you are not overweight, then you may not have to do much of the strenuous exercises to reduce weight and back pain. As a normal weight person your challenge is only back pain not the weight.

Yoga is a wide term. There are hundreds of yoga positions, you need to just focus on the ones that will alleviate your back pain.

Vajrasana also popularly known as diamond pose or kneeling pose is the best suited yoga poses for back pain relief.

Sit back onto your heals, with you back erect. In fact the position will force your back to stay straight effortlessly. keep palms of your hands on your thighs and breath slowly and deeply.

You must learn this pose correctly to get the maximum benefits. If you have knee or ankle problems then this will be difficult for you. Interestingly this will solve your knee and ankle problems also. So with its multiple benefits it is important to learn this posture.

Sitting in that posture for 15-30 minutes daily twice a day will make your posture right. All your back muscles will be realigned and you will not get back pain.

4. Buy an Ergonomic Chair

At home if you are sitting for long hours on your computer then it is important for you to have a chair that is comfortable and assist you to remain in a good sitting posture.

Usually offices take extra precautions to select the right kind of chairs to improve work efficiencies. If your chair is unsuitable then ask the office administration to replace it.

5. Sleep Well

If you have back pain then you can't sleep well, and if you can't sleep well then you will have back pain. It is a vicious cycle.

Your body should be p[properly aligned in the bed during sleeping. So pillow your bed and the sleeping posture all are very important.

Sleep on side with your knees bent. If required keep a pillow between the two legs, so that while sleeping on the upper leg doesn't roll over to create a strain on the back.

With these changes you will hopefully be living a back pain free life.

Make these changes.