Cayenne Pepper and Ginger for knee Pain

Home Remedies for Knee Pain

Most basic knee pain can be treated with home remedies. Knee pain is a very common problem among all ages but women are more vulnerable to knee pain then the men. However, certain knee pain particularly caused by injury affecting bones need medical interventions including surgery.

If your knee pain is mild to moderate and caused by inflammation, arthritis or minor injury then there are several ways to get rid of your knee pain.

We generally take our freedom to movement for granted but joint pain such as knee pain can make it difficult to move freely. So you must ensure that your knee pain doesn't cripple you.


Knee pain due to arthritis should be treated slightly differently then the knee pain due to inflammation or minor injury.

Knee Pain Relief from Minor Injury

If you have twisted your knee or broken your ligaments and tendons then the following remedies will help you to reduce pain. It will also aid to recover fast from the injury that had caused the knee pain. If your injury has fractured bones then you you must see an orthopedic doctor.

The therapy is popularly known as RICE.

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

Apply Ice as soon as you get the minor injury. Take a bag of ice or frozen vegetables such as green peas and apply this on the affected knee Joint. You can wrap your knee joint with compression bandage. Both these actions will reduce swelling and pain. Take sufficient rest and keep your affected knee pain leg/legs at an elevation. Your pain will reduce and you should she complete recovery within a week to 3 months depending on the severity of the injury. Torn ligaments and tendons take long time to recover.

Knee Pain Due to Inflammation

There are several natural remedies to get rid of knee pain due to inflammation. These methods will also help in arthritis pain relief.

1. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is the natural analgesic.One of its component capsaicin possesses natural pain relieving capabilities. It is used in many modern day pain relief ointments available at the pharmacies. Capsaicin produces a warm sensation in the affected knee pain area. Your brain gets signal of warmness instead of the pain. You will need a carrier to apply capsaicin of cayenne pepper.

  • Add ½ teaspoon of finely ground cayenne pepper to two tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel and mix it well, Apply on the affected knee. You will instantly feel warmness and knee pain relief.
  • Add ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper to 3 tablespoons of olive oil and apply it on the affected knee pain area.

If you get burning sensation instead of warmness then increase the quantity of carrier in your mixture. Get the right mixture that gives you feeling of warmness without any burning sensation. If you have any open wounds in the knee area then do not apply anything which contains cayenne pepper.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works internally to dissolve mineral build ups and other toxins within the knee joint and other important joints in the body to reduce knee pain. Some people believe that it helps restore lubricants in the joint to facilitate easy mobility.

  • Add a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of water. Mix it well and sip it slowly. Do this 3 times a day until your pain disappears.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a cup of apple cider vinegar. Mix it well and soak a wash cloth in it. Swish the cloth to remove extra liuid. Apply the washcloth on your paining knee. Leave it there for 15-30 minutes. Do it 3 times a day.

3. Ginger Tea

Ginger has anti-inflammatory capabilities. It can reduce pain due to any inflammation including knee pain. It also reduces swelling which indirectly also help in reducing pain.

  • Cut and peel an inch of ginger root
  • Grate the peeled root to make small pieces
  • Add it to 250ml of warm water and let it steep for 10 minutes.
  • Strain and let it cool to drinkable temperatures.
  • Sip it slowly and enjoy
  • Do it 2-3 times a day.

You may be tempted to add other ingredients to make the ginger tea tasty. You can add honey and/or lemon. Both will help to reduce knee pain.

4. Mustard Oil and Garlic

Mustard oil is good to relieve inflammation and pain. Gentle massage of warm mustard oil will really give you instant as well as long term knee pain relief if you continue the practice of massaging your knee with mustard oil. Adding garlic helps as garlic helps bone strengthen.

  • Chop one or two garlic cloves in two tablespoons of mustard oil and heet it until the garlic becomes brown
  • Cool and strain
  • Massage you knee in circular motion with this garlic mixed mustard oil
  • Do it 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes each time.

You will see your knee pain receding within a week.

5. Epsom Salt

Magnesium sulfate in Epsom salt helps in reducing all kinds of muscular pains by reducing swelling and inflammation. You will need a tub in which you can keep your knee pain affected foot/feet.

  • Add a cup of Epsom Salt in a bucket of warm water and stir it well to mix.
  • Sit on a chair and keep your feet in a tub
  • Soak two washcloths in the Epsom salt water and place one each on your knee
  • When the water is drained out from the washcloth on your knees, immerse the wash cloths again in the Epsom salt water and place it on on your knees
  • Repeat it until the entire water is used. It may take 15-30 minutes.
  • Do it once everyday

You will feel the knee pain reduction within a week. Continue it until you are comfortable.

Do not let your knee pain stop you from doing the activities you enjoy. Take care of your knee and enjoy every activity that you want to do.